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Sunday Superiority



June 24th, 2012

LIVE Dallas, TX

Gerald J Ford Stadium at SMU


~We open up to a shot of Angel, the official spokeswoman for SCW’s Mystery Co-Owner.  She is standing, backstage, in front of the SCW logo with a piece of paper in her hand.  She delivers it in a serious tone~

Angel:  Excuse me, fans of SCW.  But, before we begin with tonight’s amazing lineup, I’ve been given the responsibility via our Mystery Co-Owner to explain SCW’s official position on what happened as Superiority went off of the air last week.

~Angel clears her throat~

Angel:  SCW would like to emphasize that they are not associated in any way, whatsoever with any cult-like beliefs or anti-religious beliefs.  SCW’s stance is and has always been, in regards to religion, neutral.   SCW would also like to apologize to all the fans, especially the younger ones, for the image that was presented to them as Superiority went off of the air last week.  We here at SCW, above all else, believe that safety for our wrestlers, staff and management is paramount.

~Angel flips to the next page~

Angel:  As for an update on Rik Ellis.  He is resting well at an undisclosed medical facility.  SCW has agreed to pay for all his medical expenses and would like to wish Mr. Ellis a speedy recovery and a happy retirement.  Now…onto tonight…

~We can hear a slight roar of the crowd emanating from the arena~

Angel:  A fed some of you may remember called OCW had a concept named “Rookie’s Night Out”.  Basically, whenever the federation had a mass influx of talent, it would hold a special show featuring all of that talent in an effort to separate the best from the rest.  Well, tonight, via your Mystery Co-Owner, SCW will be…

~Angel’s feed is suddenly cut.  We quickly transition to a shot of SCW Co-Owner, The Great One, in his office~

The Great One:  And, that’s just about enough of that…women should be seen, not heard.  Well, unless they are lucky enough to spend the evening with yours truly and, in that case, they better stretch those vocal chords.  But, enough about how awesome my personal life is…let’s get to the task at hand.  I am personally dubbing this edition of Superiority “Rookie’s Night Out”.

~TGO smiles as the fans boo~

The Great One:  It’s a concept I originated back when I was dominating OCW.  Basically, the gist is each fatal four way will produce one winner.  That winner will then move on to next week’s Superiority where they will compete in a five man, over the top rope, battle royal to determine who the top, current SCW superstar truly is. 

~The crowd cheers the exciting announcement~

The Great One:  As far as the other portion of Angel’s announcement is concerned…Fuck Rik, Fuck his family and fuck his friends.  I am not spending a dime on that idiot’s recovery.  Ellis, I hope you fucking get what’s coming to you…a slow, painful death you worthless piece of shit.  Angel…I’ll deal with you later…now, let’s get on with the show…

~We cut to a shot of the SCW logo as “Survival of the Sickest” by Saliva begins to play.  Various clips from the past few weeks are shown.  Andre Dixon, Lorenzo Demarco, Night Crawler, Dangerous Dan, Justin Reilly and Billy Anderson are all shown in a action packed montage.  We then cut to a jam packed Gerald J Ford Stadium on the campus of Southern Methodist University.  Fans are out of their seats, cheering wildly as pyros begin to explode.  We settle on the announce team of JD and Hood who look especially excited for tonight’s edition of Superiority~

JD:  Wow!  What an opening, Hood? 

Hood:  I guess it’s official, we are legit…an entrance theme and…MOTHER FUCKING PYROS!

JD:  I need to bring my ear plugs next week.

Hood:  Here, I have an extra pair.

~Hood hands some ear plugs to JD~

JD:  Oh, I guess I missed the pyro memo.

Hood:  Nope, I bring these to block the stupid shit that comes out of your mouth from infecting my ears.

JD:  That was totally uncalled for.

Hood:  Fine, I’ll be taking these back, then…

~Another pyro goes off, JD winces~

JD:  No, no, it’s okay…thank you for the ear plugs.

Hood:  Damn right.

JD:  Okay, well folks, here we sit, on the precipice of the biggest night in SCW history!

Hood:  Rookie’s Night Out…one of my all time favorite concepts.

JD:  Indeed.  When the stars align just right and the roster is filled with a bunch of young, talented superstars…Rookie’s Night Out is the perfect solution.  Explain it to them, Hood.

Hood:  Alright, well you have five fatal four ways.  Each match is elimination style.  The five winners will advance to a five man, over the top rope battle royal next week.  The winner of that will almost certainly be in the driver’s seat for this World Title tournament type thing our fearless leader, TGO, has given us.  So, basically, this is a kickass way to separate the best, from the rest.

JD:  Absolutely!  I have no idea who’s going to come out victorious tonight…it could literally be anyone…you have any front runners, Hood?

Hood:  Well, Andre Dixon is 2-0…best record in SCW thus far…so I’d say he’d have to be up there.

JD:  True, but he does have, possibly the toughest match having to go against Dangerous Dan, Night Crawler and the impressive newcomer, Jim Douglas.

Hood:  I fucking hate to agree with you…but, damn, you’re right on here.  That’s a hellish fatal four way…The Great One must really want to see Andre Dixon fail.

JD:  Wouldn’t surprise me…Dixon was Rik’s guy and, well, we all saw what happened to Rik last week.

Hood:  Yea, Rik’s tenure as Co-Owner was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. 

JD:  Indeed…well, one wrestler I’m keeping my eye on tonight is Curt Canon. 

Hood:  Seriously?  Him?!  He’s the size of my thumb.

JD:  Well, to be honest, I did just draw his name from a hat.

Hood:  Really?  And you criticize my professionalism…ridiculous.

JD:  Anyway…tonight should be a historic night for SCW and I’m sure the fans would like to get to the action rather than listen to us go back and forth all night.

Hood:  You got that right.

JD:  So, let’s get down to ringside for our first match of the evening!

Billy Anderson (1-0) vs. Curt Canon (0-0) vs. Lance Stevens (0-1) vs. Major Kendu (1-0) 


~The arena goes black for a few seconds until spotlights begin to flash around the stage. Black Stone Cherry's "Blame it on the Boom Boom" begins to play as Emily walks out on the stage and throws her hand into the air. A pyrotechnics explosion fills the stage as "Picture Perfect” Lance Stevens walks out onto the stage.~


Predator: Coming down the aisle from Boston Massachusetts. At 6’2, 235lbs he is “Picture Perfect” Lance Stevens!


~Steven smirks into the camera and shakes his head. He grabs Emily and the two begin to walk down to the ring. When they reach the ring, Emily climbs the steps with Lance right behind her. She opens the ropes for Lance, and he heads to the center of the ring. Lance throws both arms in the air and screams "PICTURE PERFECT" as Emily wraps her arms around him~


Predator: And his opponent from Rincon Georgia. He weighted in this morning at 225lbs, accompanied to the ring by his brother Tyler. Ladies and Gentlemen… Billy Anderson!


~The lights go out, and that is when "Last Man Standing" by Trailer Choir hitz as he walks out on the ramp with Tyler beside him. He takes his cowboy hat off, and waves it in the air as blue streamers explode all the way down the ramp. He puts it back on, and walks down the ramp along with Tyler as they slap hands with the fans. He slides in the ring, and jumps to his feet. He runs over to the turnbuckle, and climbs it. He flashes that famous Georgia smile of his, and jumps down. He walks to the center of the ring, and poses for the fans again as Tyler stands in his older brother's corner


Suddenly loud fireworks go off as “Bad Habit” by the Offspring starts to play. Major Kendu walks out holding a chair and his bag of tricks as he makes his way to the ring~


Predator: And their opponent from Galien, Michigan. Weighting in at 232lbs…. Major Kendu!


~Kendu sets up the chair outside the ring and puts his bag on top of it. Kendu then climbs up the steps as “Figure 8” by Trust Company hits. Curt Cannon makes his way from behind the curtain and down to the ring as the fans cheer~


Predator: And finally, from Hawley Pennsylvania, weighting in at a total weight of 156lbs soaking wet. He is Curt Canon!


~The competitors all make their way to their respective corners and the referee calls for the bell. As soon as the bell rings the four wrestlers charge each other and a brawl commences, with Lance Stevens getting the early advantage on Billy Anderson and Kendu over Cannon.  Kendu then whips Cannon from one corner of the ring to the other and then follows it up with a clothesline which sends Cannon stumbling from the corner~


JD: Kendu is taking the fight to Curt Cannon right there with that powerful clothesline.


Hood: Kendu is looking strong here in the beginning.


JD: That sounded like some legit commentary coming from you Hood.


Hood: Fuck you.


JD: And he’s back.


~Stevens body slams Anderson to the mat and then climbs up the nearby turnbuckle.  Stevens leaps off the turnbuckle with what appears to be a body splash but is instead speared out of thin air by Kendu. Kendu turns around just in time to receive a Cannon Cutter~


JD: THE CANNON CUTTER! Kendu might be done!






~And the pin attempt is broken up by Billy Anderson~


JD: Billy Anderson stops the pin there.


Hood: That was stupid.


JD: No it makes perfect sense. Every win matters as people race for the spots in the World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Anderson just simply stopped Cannon from picking up a win.


Hood: It’s still stupid, Cannon would’ve been an easy target after the pin.


~Kendu rolls out of the ring to avoid getting covered again as Billy Anderson starts repeatedly kicking Curt Cannon. Just then Stevens sneaks up from behind Anderson and nails ‘Picture Perfect’, a skull crushing finale.  Before Stevens can make a cover Cannon nips up and then nails a thrust kick to Stevens which sends Stevens falling out of the ring. Cannon then makes the cover on Anderson~








Predator: Ladies and Gentlemen Billy Anderson has been eliminated.


JD: Smart move there by Cannon to capitalize on Stevens work on Anderson.


Hood: I’ll give that to him, Cannon is a crafty mother fucker. He’s got to be though… I’ve seen fatter broom sticks.


JD: Oh please.


~Kendu and Stevens begin brawling on the outside of the ring exchanging lefts and rights. Cannon watches the two of them for a moment from inside the ring and then decides that he wants to be part of the action. Canon bounces off the ropes and then flips over the top rope landing on Kendu and Stevens on the outside of the ring~


JD: Holy smokes, what a move by Cannon. For being away from the ring for a few years he’s certainly pulling out the stops here tonight.


~The move by Cannon apparently injured him as he is holding onto his right ankle on the ground. Kendu smiles knowing that this is a huge opportunity for him. Kendu rolls Stevens back into the ring and then helps Cannon up and rolls him into the ring as well. Kendu towers over the injured Cannon as Cannon scoots backwards into the bottom turnbuckle~


JD: This doesn’t look good for Cannon who appears to have hurt himself performing that dive.


Hood: It’s time for some destruction. I love it when people get hurt… even better if they’re babies.


JD: You’re sick.


~Stevens sneaks up from behind Kendu and twirls him around. Kendu ducks a wild right thrown by Stevens and then wraps his arms around Stevens’ waist and then hits a German Suplex with Stevens landing on Cannon’s injured ankle. Cannon screams in pain as Kendu keeps the German locked in and performs two more Germans~


JD: Kendu Crunch!


Hood: Is that anything like Captain Crunch? Dammit… now I’m hungry.


Kendu covers Stevens and the referee counts.








Predator: Lance Stevens has been eliminated.


JD: Now we’re down to the injured Curt Cannon and Major Kendu and they both have one win each.


Hood: And Cannon’s in a lot of trouble right here.


~Cannon slowly raises to his feet and hobbles toward Kendu who is back to his feet. Kendu smashes his arm across Cannon’s back and Cannon falls down to his knee unable to support his body weight under his hurt ankle. Kendu laughs and then grabs Cannon and begins to pull Cannon up when Cannon quickly rolls Kendu up in a small package~







Predator: Here is your winner…  CURT CANON!!!!

JD:  Wow, what a win for Curt Canon!

Hood:  A close call, there...all four men had a shot.

JD:  That they did...but Curt moves on to the Battle Royal next week...

Hood:  Hold on, JD...I'm being told something is going on backstage.

~We cut backstage where RM Strong has arrived.  An SCW interviewer rushes up to him~

SCW Interviewer:  RM!  RM!  What are your thoughts on last week's incident?

~Strong shoves them out of the way.  We follow Strong as he approaches the office of the GM, he kicks the door in.  James turns around and sees Strong~

RM Strong:  Where do you come off announcing that I'm in this gay ass Trinity deal of yours?

~James doesn't respond~

RM Strong:  I am hired muscle.  You paid me to do a job...I did it, we're through.  I'm not your pal...I'm not your bodyguard...I'm not your butt buddy.  So, quick running around saying I'm in some stable named after a sex act.

Hood:  Ahh, the holy know, JD, it's not gay in a three way.

JD:  Shut up, this is getting interesting.

~James says nothing~

RM Strong:  Is any of this sinking in, freak?

~James smirks but refrains from commenting~

RM Strong: Okay, fine...

~Strong walks up to James and drills him with a stiff right hand.  James falls back~

RM Strong:  Take that as a warning...if you EVER mention my name and your faction together again, you'll be the one people are talking about after tonight's show...just like Rik Ellis was last week...

~Strong exits as James rises to his feet, wiping a little blood from the corner of his mouth.  We cut back to ringside~

JD:  So, RM Strong ISN'T a member of Trinity?

Hood:  Evidently not...I guess our new GM jumped the gun on that one.

JD:  Yup and RM Strong doesn't appear to be a man James wants to cross.

Hood:  But Rik was...ha ha!  Get it, James, Cross...Rik??

JD:  So juvenile.

Hood:  Blah Blah Blah

JD:  Well, before we degenerate even further, how about we head to our next match...

Hood:  Is it Demarco time?

JD:  Congrats, you can read a show format.

Hood:  Fuck yea...let's goooo Lorenzo!


Chenoa Young (0-1) vs. Lorenzo Demarco (1-0) vs. Madelyn 'The Shadow' Wright (0-0) vs. Mark 'The Playboy' Atkins (0-0)

~ “Four on the Floor” by Lee Brice begins to play as Chenoa Young emerges from backstage.  Upon making her entrance, everyone in the audience runs to the restroom and concession stands.  She enters the ring to no response, at all~

Predator:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is an elimination fatal four way and part of SCW’s Rookie’s Night Out!  The winner will go on to compete in a five person battle royal at next week's Superiority!  Introducing first…ehh…fuck it…Chenoa Young, people.

~Nobody makes a noise, a cricket is heard chirping somewhere in the arena.  Just then, Things Done Changed begins to blare over the house P.A. All the fans rush back to their seats. They begin to boo almost immediately. The lights dim a little as the tron begins to display Lorenzo's entrance video. The moment Biggie Small begins to rap Lorenzo Demarco walks out onto the entrance why with a look part menacing and part cocky. He slowly looks to his left and then to his right as if satisfied with the boos. He's wearing an "Insert East Coast Rapper here" shirt and a pair of jeans as he begins to walk toward the entrance way. He gets up to the ring and climbs up to the outer apron. He turns around to face the crowd and extends both of his middle fingers letting the crowd know what he thinks of them before going in between the top and middle ropes. He goes over to a corner in the ring and stands on the middle turnbuckle raising one solid fist in the air before taking off his shirt and just letting it drop to the ground. He then drops down to the mat and leans in the corner waiting for the match to begin~

Predator:  Introducing next, from Brooklyn, New York, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 240 lbs…Lorenzo Demarco!!

~The lights go out in the room as the opening bells of the song start to play, red lights flashing in time with the bells, smoke pouring out of the entrance as the drums start to play. The tron starts to play a montage of her walking down a dark path slowly, flames marking her path, casting long shadows everywhere. She breaks out into a run as the lyrics start..

Nightmare! Now your nightmare comes to life...


The lights focus on her as she appears from behind the curtain, smiling at the crowd as she raises her arms into the air, the lights coming on as she makes her way down the ramp, high fiveing the fans.


Dragged you down below Down to the devil's show To be his guest forever Peace of mind is less than never


She leaps up onto the ring apron, then grabs onto the top rope and leaps over it, walking to the center of the ring and posing with her arms by her head like she's drawing back a bow~


Predator:  Their next opponent, hailing from Tampa, Florida, she stands 5’5 and weighs in at 110 lbs…Madelyn “The Shadow” Wright!!


~ “Headstrong” by Trapt begins to play as the fans stand and see Mark Atkins emerge from backstage.  He walks with an extreme amount of arrogance, causing several fans to boo him.  The booing does not bother him as he makes his way to the ring and enters to an escalating amount of boos~


Predator:  And, introducing the fourth and final opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 6’3 and weighing in at 265 lbs…Mark “The Playboy” Atkins!!


~Predator moves to exit the ring.  Chenoa Young hits on him.  He frowns with disgust, the fans all laugh~


JD:  Did I just see what I think I saw?


Hood:  Good lord, Predator just turned Chenoa Young down!


JD:  I guess the guy does have standards, after all.


Hood:  How BAD must Chenoa Young be…seriously??


~Predator exits the ring as the bell sounds.  Mark Atkins stares at Chenoa Young, confused.  He walks up to the ref, complaining about something.  Chenoa Young stands there, smiling~


JD:  What is this about, Hood??


Hood:  I don’t know…


~Atkins yells loud enough for us to hear him.  “That’s not Chenoa Young…Chenoa Young is a MAN!”  The ref laughs at Atkins outburst and simply shakes his head.  Atkins looks towards Wright and Demarco, they both shrug~


JD:  Atkins thinks Chenoa Young is a man!


Hood:  She may be busted all to hell, but that, sadly, is a woman.


JD:  I’ve slept with worse.


Hood:  Not much of a revelation there, JayDee.


~Atkins, still convinced Chenoa Young is a man, walks up to her.  He grabs her crotch and his eyes widen as he figures out she is most definitely a woman.  Chenoa Young responds by slapping the shit out of Atkins~


Hood:  Atta boy, Atkins…don’t ever give the woman a choice.


JD:  That’s borderline rape!


Hood:  It ain’t rape if she’s's charity.


~Atkins grabs Young by the throat, he calls her a bitch, lifts her up for a tombstone piledriver but then powerbombs her face first into the mat!!  Young’s body goes limp as Atkins goes for the pin, Wright grabs Atkins by the back of the head, twirls him around and drops him to the mat with a double knee facebreaker!!  Atkins is laid out as Wright goes for the pin on  Young, the ref counts~








~The bell rings as the ref kicks Chenoa Young out of the ring~


JD:  And there goes Chenoa  Young!


Hood:  I’m going to nickname her blink.


JD:  Why?


Hood:  It basically encapsulates her entire SCW career.


JD:  Alright then…how about Madelyn stealing the win from Atkins?


Hood:  In this World Title race, JD, wins are at a premium.


~Wright gets up and begins to stomp away on Atkins as he rolls into a corner, shielding himself from Wright with the ropes.  Demarco sneaks up from behind Wright and hooks her around the waist.  He tosses her up, over his head and into the air with a release german suplex!!  Wright lands on the back of her head and neck HARD onto the mat and her body folds up.  Demarco leaps to his feet as the fans boo~


Hood:  Demarco sent that bitch into orbit!


JD:  Yea, I hope she didn’t injure her neck or anything…she landed pretty violently.


~Demarco walks over to Wright and pulls her up to her knees.  Wright responds with a low blow!!  Demarco doubles over in pain, Wright takes advantage by rolling Demarco up into a small package, the ref makes the count~






Kick Out!!


JD:  Close on there!


Hood:  Wright must be a gymnast or something…she recovered from that German Suplex pretty quickly.


JD:  It takes superior athletic skills to gain admission into SCW.


Hood:  Did you SEE Chenoa Young??


~Wright leaps to her feet and heads for the top rope in the nearest corner.  Demarco slowly makes it to his feet.  Atkins, however, is back on his feet and he runs into the corner and shakes the ropes.  Wright loses her balance and hops back into the ring.  When she does, Wright catches her and tosses her to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex!  Atkins then yanks Wright back to her feet, drags her into a corner and begins slamming her face into the top turnbuckle~


JD:  Wow, Mark Atkins is showing no mercy!


Hood:  Hey, just because she’s a fucking woman doesn’t mean you let her off the hook.


JD:  True, she nearly eliminated Lorenzo Demarco…and he’s ghetto.


Hood:  What does being ghetto have anything to do with this??


~Atkins finally ceases as Wright falls backwards, onto the mat.  Atkins goes for the pin, however, before he can do so, Lorenzo Demarco comes flying in, looking for a running knee to the side of Atkins head.  Atkins barely moves out of the way in time as Demarco’s leg gets hung up in the ropes.  Atkins grabs Demarco’s other leg and he dumps Demarco out onto the floor.  Demarco lands hard~


JD:  Demarco went for it all there, nearly nailing Mark Atkins with Pain in Full!


Hood:  A logical risk…Wright seems to be out, Atkins wasn’t paying attention…Demarco had a chance to end it right there.


JD:  Pops to Atkins for the awareness to move out of the way!


Hood:  Pops?  Did you just say ‘Pops’?


JD:   Yea, it’s like giving credit to someone for a good move.


Hood:  That’s called giving ‘Props’ you fucking idiot.


JD:  Well, whatever, it’s not like I was raised on the streets!


~Atkins yanks Wright to her feet and begins to slap her around, toying with her.  Wright quickly responds with a thumb into the eye of Atkins.  Atkins staggers back.  Wright leaps into the air and drills Atkins with a picture perfect dropkick!!  Atkins falls into the ropes and his momentum causes him to bounce off.  When he does, Wright leaps into the air, hooks Atkins and drills him with a huricanrana!!  She holds on for the pin as the ref makes the count~






Kick Out!!


JD:  A close one, right there!!


Hood:  Damn, that bitch is fast.


JD:  She has a name you sexist bastard!


Hood:  Hey!  I had a father, so fuck off.


~Atkins throws Wright off of him and gets to his feet, angry.  Wright charges back at Atkins, Atkins ducks a spinning heel kick and lunges at Wright, drilling her with a vicious clothesline!!  Wright falls against the mat, hard.  Atkins picks her up and drills her to the mat with The Las Vegas bomb!!!  Wright’s body goes limp as Atkins makes the pin fall cover~








~The bell rings as Wright is rolled out of the ring.  Atkins celebrates but, as he does, Demarco sneaks into the ring and delivers a running knee into the back of Atkins.  Atkins goes flying through the ropes and to the outside as Demarco remains standing, in the ring.  He asks for a mic and receives it.  The crowd boos as Demarco starts to speak~


Lorenzo Demarco:  What the fuck??  Seriously?  Is this some kind of fucking joke?  Two women and a playboy…how long did those bitches last, thirty seconds?  I came here for competition…if I wanted to slap bitches around all day I’d purchase a hat and put a mother fucking feather in it…with a tight ass fur coat, as well…


~Mark Atkins slides back into the ring, walks up to and shoves Demarco.  He yanks the mic out of Demarco’s hands~


Mark Atkins:  You’ve still got to go through me, asshole.


~Atkins drills Demarco in the head with the mic.  The crowd cheers loudly.  The ref ponders DQing Demarco for a moment but decides to let it slide.  Atkins picks up on the crowd cheering him and picks up the mic.  He walks over to the ropes and spots the Make a Wish foundation sitting ringside.  He hurls the mic at them, nailing a couple of kids.  The crowd erupts with boos as Atkins smiles~


JD:  I can’t believe what that man just did!!


Hood:  What?  Those kids are always running around, looking for handouts.  So, he gave them a perfectly capable microphone that they can sell on Ebay.


JD:  Those kids are underprivileged and need our help, Hood.


Hood:  Look, bitch, if I wanted to put clothes on a kids back, I’d relist my number so they could finally get in touch with me.


JD:  You are a sad man.


~Atkins turns around and receives a stiff right hand from Demarco.  Atkins returns the favor, the two wrestlers engage in an all out brawl.  Demarco slowly gains the upper hand as Atkins appears to be losing ground.  Atkins, though, regains the upper hand with a quick kick into Demarco’s gut!  Demarco doubles over and Atkins takes full advantage by lifting Demarco up and drilling him with a piledriver!!  Atkins gets back to his feet as the fans boo him loudly~


JD:  Nice piledriver by Mark Atkins!


Hood:  He seems pretty fucking proud of himself…but it’s going to take more than a piledriver to keep Lorenzo Demarco down.


JD:  Agreed.


~Atkins pulls Demarco back to his feet and whips him into a nearby corner.  Demarco slams hard.  Atkins charges in and drills Demarco with a huge clothesline.  Demarco comes stumbling out as Atkins takes a few steps back, giving him room.  Atkins then scoops Demarco up, positions him and drills Demarco in the middle of the ring with a huge powerbomb!!  Demarco lies, motionless as Atkins goes for the pin~






Kick Out!!


JD:  Whew…close one there!


Hood:  One of the favorites was nearly eliminated!


JD:  Yes, and you have to believe, these series of moves are used to soften Demarco up for the Las Vegas Bomb.


Hood:  Wouldn’t be surprised if Atkins doesn’t go for that soon.


~Atkins yanks Demarco back to his feet and gives him a violent shove into a nearby corner.  He grabs Demarco by the chin and begins yelling obscenities and mocking Demarco.  Atkins then drills Demarco with a punch into the stomach, Demarco doubles over.  Atkins lifts him up and turns around, facing the middle of the ring.  Demarco fights back with everything he has, nailing Atkins with punch after punch to the head.  Atkins loosens his grip allowing Demarco the opportunity to wiggle free.  When he does, he holds onto Atkins head and drills him in the middle of the ring with a facebuster!!  Atkins rolls around, in pain as Demarco remains on the ground, still recovering from Atkins earlier assault~


JD:  Great move by Lorenzo Demarco!


Hood:  That’s why this guy is a major player, JD.  You can’t fuck around with him.


JD:  Mark Atkins definitely has an attitude…and it has cost him twice in this match.


Hood:  You don’t give a badass like Lorenzo Demarco time to recover…stupid, rookie mistake.


~Atkins finds himself seated, in the corner, catching his breath.  Demarco is on all fours as he looks across the ring and sees Atkins.  Demarco then rushes over to Atkins and, before Atkins can react, Demarco is on top of him with his hands around Atkins neck, choking away.  Atkins struggles, trying to get away as the ref rushes in and administers a five count.  Demarco releases at the count of five, but then proceeds to choke Atkins again.  The ref counts one more time and has to force Demarco off of Atkins using the thread of a disqualification.  Demarco finally releases his vice grip around Atkins throat~


JD:  Wow, seeing a major mean streak in Demarco…he just kind of lost it.


Hood:  Atkins is a big fucking dude…I’m sure Demarco is tired of being tossed around.


JD:  And looking to even the odds.


Hood:  Damn straight, you win any way you can, JD.


~Demarco gets to his feet and walks over to Atkins, who is trying to catch his breath.  Demarco begins to administer a barrage of kicks to the body of Atkins.  Atkins has trouble shielding himself as Demarco really does a number on him.  Atkins begins to slump over showing little-to-no fight in defending himself.  The ref shoves Demarco off and checks on Atkins, to see if he’s responsive~


JD:  Mark Atkins may not be able to continue!


Hood:  He needs to get his fucking ass out of that corner.


JD:  Yup, it’s effectively negated the size advantage he holds over Demarco.


~The ref is able to aid Atkins in crawling out of the corner.  Atkins, who appears to be clearly out of it, is on all fours, catching his breath, trying to regain his whereabouts.  Before he can, however, he is DRILLED in the side of the head with a huge running knee!!!  His body collapses to the side.  Demarco rolls him over and goes for the pin as the ref makes the count~








~The bell rings as Demarco pops to his feet with his arms in the air, receiving a tremendous amount of boos~


Predator:  Here is your winner….LORENZO DEMARCO!!!!!


~Demarco shoves the ref out of the way and exits the ring~


JD:  Wow, Lorenzo Demarco just stepped it up and Mark Atkins was unable to respond.


Hood:  Pain in Full out of nowhere, bitch…Mark Atkins never knew what hit him.


JD:  Yea…but Atkins had him on the ropes for a moment…guy’s got talent.


Hood:  Sure he does…he’ll have plenty of other opportunities to let that talent shine through.

~Demarco reaches the top of the ramp and taunts the crowd a bit.  He motions around his waist, claiming he's going to be the first SCW World Champion.  His back is to the entrance.  Suddenly, SCW Co-Owner, The Great One emerges.  He elbows Demarco in the back of the head.  Demarco falls face first~

JD:  What the?!

Hood:  Brain overload here...I'm a fan of both these guys...what the heck!!

~TGO picks Demarco up and powerbombs him off the stage!!  Demarco goes through a giant speaker which is sitting, idly.  He crashes with a sickening thud as fans in the arena gasp in horror~

JD:  What is he doing?!  Demarco is a franchise player!

Hood:  The Great One does what he wants, when he wants.

~TGO yells something we can't quite pick up at Demarco before he exits.  Paramedics rush to help Demarco out~

JD:  Wow, Lorenzo is not moving.

Hood:  Yea, that was a wicked fall.  But, how about our Co-Owner, dude's still got it!

JD:  You don't powerbomb your own wrestlers off the stage into a speaker, Hood.  If you want to do stuff like that, lace up and wrestle!

Hood:  You are such a pussy.

JD:  Well, whatever...but this is serious, Demarco has a huge match next week at Superiority and now he's likely to head into it with several broken bones.

Hood:  Tough shit.

JD:  Folks, while Demarco is being attended to, let's take a look at a taped segment featuring Billy Anderson and his brother, Tyler.


~We cut to a tape shot of Tyler sitting down in a room when a reporter walks inside, and sits down as the interview starts~   

Reporter: You are Billy's brother, and there is a rumor that your planning to get back in the ring. Is that true?   

Tyler Anderson:  Yes it is, but not as a Full-time or Part-time wrestler. You see I want to be a backup wrestler if Billy were to get injuried, and that is when I would step in. I enjoy teaching karate, so when we last teamed up it ended our tag team known as the Unstoppable Force even though it will reunited still we have no plans to actually teaming up.   

Reporter:  What made you decide this?   

Tyler Anderson:  I was talking to my wife one night, and we decided it as a family that it would be great if I did this. You see Billy is the more experienced one between us, and even though I took my trainning I have to do what is right by me. Hopefully I won't have to do it alot, and he will show them all that they have no idea what he will do to them if they mess with his family that includes me. You see I been by his side from the start of our careers, and I seen what he done to the ones that harmed Stormee, Jasmine and me he made they pay. They don't want to make him angry, and I will always be there for him when he needs me since I am the one that will be in his corner cheering him on.   

Reporter:  Thank you for your time Tyler.   

Tyler Anderson:  Your welcome.  

~Tyler shakes the man's hand, and gets up. He walks out of the building, and gets in his truck. He leaves, and the scene fades back to the announce table~


JD:  Welcome back everyone and, apparently, Billy Anderson has some back up.


Hood:  Never hurts in this business.


JD:  Especially after suffering his first defeat.


Hood:  Yea, that was a tough one...but Billy Anderson is a tireless worker, I'm sure he'll bounce back...or, if not, there's always that music career.


JD:  Well, I for one hope that Billy can manage both...SCW is a better place with Billy Anderson on its roster.


Hood:  Get off your knees, bitch.


JD:  You're in a crabby mood...maybe the pretty face of Lexington Legacy will cheer you up!  Let's go backstage...


~The camera cuts to the interview area backstage where Stell Beckart starts with her microphone held up~


Stella Beckart: SCW new broadcast journalist, Stella Beckart here. And I am here with a lady who is debuting later on tonight and has had quite the change of heart over the last week. Ladies and gentlemen, formerly known as Lexington Legacy, please welcome Alexis Prodigy.


~The camera pans out to reveal Alexis Prodigy standing next to her wearing a white bikini bottom and a t-shirt along with wrestling boots and no knee pads. She gives a big smile but her eyes look cold and dead~


Alexis Prodigy: It is so great to be here. Congratulations on being hired for this job.


~Alexis gives Beckart a big hug as Stella looks very uncomfortable. She lets go of the embrace and Stella goes back to trying to interview her~


Stella Beckart: Okay, my first question is …why are you dressed for the beach. You know your match is coming up soon right?


~Alexis giggles~


Alexis Prodigy: Oh, this is my ring gear. Since I am a California girl who lives by the bay, this is what I am comfortable competing in.


~Stella gives her an untrusting look~


Stella Beckart: Really? Because it seems like fan service.


~Alexis grits her teeth as she says the next part~


Alexis Prodigy: No …I really feel that wearing this frees me to be better wrestler. It has nothing to do with getting the male fans behind me.


Stella Beckart: Well, either way, it’ll prove to be a distraction to your male opponents in the ring. Speaking of which, tonight you take on four men: Justin Reilly, R.M Strong, and Thor Vergard. Do you feel that the odds are against you.


~Alexis forces the next line out like she doesn’t actually believe it~


Alexis Prodigy: Sure, the odds are against me. They are always going to be against me. But I believe that if the fans get behind me and I try my best …I will overcome and come out of this with the win. I don’t mind being the underdog, in fact, I thrive on being the underdog here and I thrive on proving people wrong. I am going to prove that this isn’t a man’s world anymore.


~There is a quick eye roll after this~


Stella Beckart: Now, last week you had a bodyguard …he isn’t here anymore.


Alexis Prodigy: I relieved Jizzy P of his duties. My mentor hired him because he believed that I was a frail little girl. And hey, I just might be …but I want to take the risk. I want to be a REAL wrestler and not one who has to cushion her blows.


Stella Beckart: As the shows continue, we get closer to crowning a World Heavyweight champion. Are you putting your name in the hat.


~Alexis smiles even bigger~


Alexis Prodigy: Of course my name is in the hat silly. I truly believe that I will break through that glass ceiling and win the title. And I begin that tonight with all the fans in Texas on my side.


~Cheap Pop~


Alexis Prodigy: And when I win that title, I will be a dual champion …because I consider myself a champion of the people.


~She blows a kiss and then leaves. Beckart stands there with the microphone~


Stella Beckart: Well, there you have it. Stay tuned to see if Alexis Prodigy or whoever she is will impress tonight.



JD:  Something about her is

Hood:  I'm probably as excited about her debut as anyone else in SCW thus far.

JD:  She's definitely creating quite a buzz around here...will be interesting to see if her in ring work can match the hype.  Speaking of hype, Scott Syren's debut is ready?

Hood:  Now that's what I call a dick slapping good time!!

Extreme Pizza Boy (0-0) vs. 'Fearless Atlantic Gentleman' Mark Carlton (0-0) vs. Scott Syren (0-0) vs. Sean 'Virgin Killer' Cassidy (0-0)


~ ‘The Pizza Song’ by The Bouncing Souls begins to play as the fans stand and watch Extreme Pizza Boy make his way to the ring for his SCW debut~   

Predator:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a fatal four way elimination match with the winner advancing to next week’s five man battle royal!!  Introducing first, from The Pizza Palace Concession Stand, he’s 5’9 and weighs 200lbs…Extreme Pizza Boy!!   

~The crowd has little-to-no reaction as Pizza Boy stands in the ring.  Immediately after he enters, “Good Ole Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen begins to play as the fans give a slightly negative reaction when Mark Carlton makes an appearance and heads down to ringside~

Predator:  And, his opponent, from London, England…standing 6’2 and weighing in at 220lbs… ‘Fearless Atlantic Gentleman’ Mark Carlton!!   

~ “Dildocide” by Blizzardwitch begins to play as the fans stand and wait for Scott Syren’s entrance.  He does not appear.  Several moments pass by without any sign of Scott Syren.  Predator, looking confused, is approached by an SCW official.  Predator just shrugs and motions for Syren’s music to be cut off.  It is.  Immediately after Syren’s music is cut off, “To All The Lovely Ladies” by Goldo begins playing as Sean Cassidy rushes down to the ringside area~

Predator:  And introducing next…from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 6’2 and weighing in at 225 lbs…Sean ‘Virgin Killer’ Cassidy!!   

~Cassidy slides into the ring as the bell sounds.  He rushes at Mark Carlton, Carlton responds by putting his head down and lifting Cassidy up and over the top rope.  Cassidy lands hard.  Carlton then turns his attention towards Pizza Boy~   

JD:  Fast start to this one…but the question has to be asked…where is Scott Syren?   

Hood:  I have no idea…last we saw of him he was on some deserted island.   

JD:  I hope he was able to make it here in time for his match.   

Hood:  Looks like the plane that crashed was his connecting flight.   

~Pizza rushes at Carlton and screams “Pepperoni Plunge!!”  Carlton responds by throwing an elbow at Pizza and busting him in the face.  Pizza staggers back.  As he does, Carlton holds his fists up in a boxing type stance and takes aim at Pizza.  He unloads with a flurry of jabs to Pizza’s face.  Pizza staggers back against the ropes as Carlton pummels the hell out of his face.  Finally, Carlton takes a few steps back, allowing Pizza to stagger around.  Once Carlton has deemed himself ready…he unloads with a vicious roundhouse kick!!  Pizza falls to the ground and Carlton makes the pin~




~Pizza is shoved out of the ring as Carlton gets to his feet, posing arrogantly to the crowd.  They boo loudly~   

JD:  Well, apparently Pizza Boy was a crowd favorite.   

Hood:  Hey, who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza?   

JD:  Mark Carlton, apparently.   

~Carlton turns his attention to Cassidy, who is still out of it on the outside.  Carlton slides underneath the bottom rope and pulls Cassidy to his feet.  He nails Cassidy with a couple of stiff right hands as Cassidy backs up against the ring post.  Carlton looks at the ref, who is standing next to him. He starts complaining about the fans being too close to him.  The ref turns towards the fans, warning them to stay back.  As they do, Carlton grabs Cassidy’s head and slams the back of it into the ring post.  A sick thud is heard as Cassidy grabs the back of his head in pain.  Carlton then hurls Cassidy back into the ring.  He pats the ref on the back and thanks him for attending to the fans and then slides back into the ring as well~   

JD:  That ref is a moron!   

Hood:  No, Carlton is fucking smooth…I like this guy.   

JD:  I thought you hated foreigners.   

Hood:  Only people from Alabama.   

JD:  How are they foreign?   

Hood:  Have you ever BEEN to Alabama??   

 ~Carlton grabs Cassidy’s legs and looks out towards the crowd, who boos loudly.  He then applies and elevated Boston Crab…Cassidy yells out in pain as the ref checks on him~   

JD:  He calls this hold The Bounds of Modesty!!   

Hood:  Not looking good for the Virgin Killer.   

JD:  Not at all.   

~Cassidy quickly taps out finding himself unable to endure the pain.  The ref calls for the bell and ushers Cassidy out.  Carlton gets to his feet and looks around, feeling proud of himself~ 

JD:  Is that it?  Is Carlton the winner?   

Hood:  I guess so…   

JD:  Well, what a great debut tonight for…   

~ “Dildoside” by Blizzardwitch hits again as the lights in the arena go out and wild ass strobe lights flash everywhere.  Carlton, shocked by what’s going down, turns his attention towards the ramp~   

Hood:  Ooooohhhh shit…   

~Scott Syren emerges from the back in a pair of cut off denim capris.  He marches towards the ring as Carlton stands back, ready for him.  The ref shrugs and goes with it.  Syren enters the ring as the fans stand on their feet, excited to see this confrontation~   

JD:  Scott Syren is in the building!   

Hood:  Better late than never!   

JD:  And, he evidently didn’t have any time to change.   

Hood:  Yea, those shorts reek.   

~Carlton approaches the much larger Syren with caution as Syren stands there, staring right through Carlton.  Carlton goes to punch Syren, but Syren uses surprising quickness to avoid the punch.  Syren then responds with a punch of his own, knocking Carlton back.  Syren then kicks Carlton, sending him into the nearest corner.  Syren corners Carlton and applies several vicious forearms to Carlton’s jaw.  Syren then grabs Carlton by the arm and hurls him into the center of the ring with a hip toss.  Carlton lands hard as the fans are torn on who to get behind~   

JD:  Scott Syren has changed the entire dynamic of this match!!   

Hood:  Scott mother fucking Syren…the guy is like a mythical creature.   

JD:  Who takes drugs and lives on an island with a transvestite.   

Hood:  I know, isn’t he the best?   

JD:  Whatever.   

~Syren reaches down and grabs Carlton by the throat, Carlton tries to fight free from Syren’s vice grip.  However, he is unable to do so.  Syren lifts Carlton up in the air and drills him into the mat with a vicious chokeslam!!!  Syren places his foot on Carlton’s chest, going for the pin, the ref makes the count~   


Kick Out!!   

JD:  Quick kick out by Carlton!   

Hood:  Not like Syren put much effort into that pin attempt.   

JD:  Is he always like this??   

Hood:  It’s Scott Syren…the guy is just…different.   

~Syren yanks Carlton to his feet nonchalantly and receives and eye gouge while the ref’s back was turned.  Syren grabs his face and shakes his head, stunned.  Carlton begins to kick away at Syren’s leg, causing the much larger opponent to fall to one knee.  Once on one knee, Carlton punches away at Syren’s head until Syren falls over.  While on the mat, Carlton administers more kicks to Syren’s body until Syren is able to roll towards the ropes and throw himself out of the ring~   

JD:  This is resembling a bar room beat down.   

Hood:  Mark Carlton is no stranger to one of those.   

JD:  Not at all…in times of doubt, go with what you know.   

~Carlton grabs the top rope as Syren is on his feet, not giving him much attention.  Carlton then pulls himself over the top rope and hurls his body at Syren.  Syren notices just in time and moves out of the way!  Carlton’s body slams hard on the outside as several fans ringside wince in pain.  Syren picks Carlton up and whips him into the guardrail.  Carlton hits hard and arches his back in pain.  Syren then drills Carlton in the gut with a huge boot, causing Carlton to falls to the side, clutching his stomach in pain~   

JD:  Mark Carlton went for it all and missed!    

Hood:  Dude just hurled himself over that top rope…   

JD:  That he did and Syren capitalized.   

Hood:  If Syren were an actress riding a wave of popularity, he’d be Betty White.  He’s that experienced.   

JD:  Probably the first and last time Syren and Betty White will ever be compared with one another.   

 ~Syren pulls Carlton to his feet and tosses him back into the ring.  Syren hops on the apron and walks towards the corner.  The fans look on with intrigue as he begins to climb to the top~

JD:  The top?!   

Hood:  Air Syren!!   

~Syren is standing at the top and looks down at Carlton.  He leaps off going for some move that nobody could ever name due to its horrible execution and Carlton responds by drilling Syren in the head with a vicious enziguri!!  Syren’s body collapses to the mat and Carlton goes for a quick pin~   



Kick Out!!!   

JD:  Syren kicks out!!   

Hood:  Holy shit, JD…did you hear the sound of that kick?!   

JD:  Like a clap of thunder!   

Hood:  Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT loud.   

~Carlton shakes his head towards the ref, in frustration.  He turns his attention back towards Syren but has his throat grabbed by Syren’s massive hand.  Syren gets to his feet and shoves Carlton into a corner.  Carlton bounces out and Syren lifts Carlton up, over his head and tosses him down to the mat!  Carlton hits hard and Syren goes for the pin~   



Kick Out!!   

JD:  Complete change in momentum!   

Hood:  Syren is one strong mother fucker...and when you’ve been living on a deserted island with some kind of mustached tranny…I’m sure recovering from an enziguri isn’t the toughest thing in the world.   

JD:  Perhaps…never been in that position before.   

~Syren stomps away on Carlton with Carlton trying to cover up.  Syren lifts his foot high, going for a devastating stomp to Carlton’s face.  Carlton, though, grabs Syren’s leg and twists it violently!!  Syren’s knee buckles and he goes to the mat.  Carlton crawls over Syren and goes to town with a barrage of punches to Syren’s head.  Carlton then grabs Syren’s head and delivers a vicious headbutt!!  The back of Syren’s head bounces off the mat as he lies motionless.  Carlton gets to his feet, breathing heavily~   

JD:  Man, when Carlton loses it…he really loses it.   

Hood:  Wow, JD…great insight.   

JD:  Shut up.   

~Carlton stands over Syren and lifts Syren’s legs up.  The crowd stands in anticipation as Carlton appears ready to apply the Bounds of Modesty.  Carlton goes to hook it in but, by doing so, he bends over and Syren surprises Carlton by grabbing his head and rolling him over into a small package!!  The ref slides in for the count~   



Kick Out!!   

JD:  Whoa!!   

Hood:  When did Syren become so spry?   

JD:  Maybe we should call him Spryen…   

Hood:  Holy shit, that was bad.   

JD:  I know    

~Carlton quickly makes it to his feet and he goes right back after Syren, who is still on the mat.  Syren tries for another small package, Carlton, hwoever kicks Syren in the chest, avoiding the pinfall attempt.  Carlton measures Syren up, who slowly begins to sit up and swings his leg around for another enziguri…Syren, however, ducks the kick and tries to roll Carlton up.  Carlton rolls backwards, out of the pin attempt, springs to his feet, bounces off the ropes and then drills Syren with a dropkick!!  Syren falls back as Carlton springs to his feet and grabs Syren’s legs again~   

JD:  Wow, what a move by Mark Carlton!   

Hood:  Bounds of Modesty, perhaps?   

JD:  If this man can make Scott Syren tap out…   

Hood:  I’ve never seen Scott Syren tap out.   

~Carlton, this time, is able to lock the Bounds of Modesty in.  He rolls Syren over and Syren’s face starts to contort in pain.  The ref kneels next to Syren and asks him if he wants to submit.  Syren looks up at the ref and flicks him off!  The ref is taken back by Syren’s attitude~   

JD:  I guess that’s a ‘no’.   

Hood:  How stupid is the ref?  The holds been applied for like ten seconds.   

JD:  It’s his job to ask.   

Hood:  That’s right, I forgot common sense left the refereeing position years ago.   

 ~Carlton leans back, really applying the pressure.  Syren sees the ropes a few feet away and moves towards them.  He reaches the ropes and Carlton falls off of Syren, breaking the hold.  Syren yanks himself to his feet as Carlton is quickly back on his.  Carlton focuses on Syren’s knee, which has seen its share of abuse in the match.  He kicks at it several times, it slightly buckles with each kick.  Syren, using the ropes to remain standing, shoves Carlton off of him with his arm in an attempt to buy some time.  Carlton rushes at Syren, going for a clothesline.  Syren ducks and elevates Carlton over the top rope.  Carlton, however, lands on the apron, ducks down and goes for a shoulder into Syren’s midsection.  Syren, however, catches Carlton, yanks him through the ropes, holds him up with Carlton’s feet propped by the middle rope and drills Carlton with a DDT in the middle of the ring!!  Syren goes for the pin as the ref makes the count~   



Kick Out!!!   

JD:  Wow!!  I thought it was over!   

Hood:  Holy crap…Mark Carlton is one tough mother fucker.    

JD:  Yea, Syren is the master of DDTs…right?   

Hood:  Scott Syren is the master of the universe.   

JD:  So, he’s He-Man?   

Hood:  He-Man was a fag…Scott Syren is skeletor…but with skin and shit.   

 ~Syren gets to his feet and works on his knee, trying to bring it back to full functionality.  Carlton is slow to move…once he starts moving, Syren directs his focus onto Carlton.  He uses his bad leg and kicks Carlton.  After he does, he yells out “fuck” and grabs it~   

JD:  Well, that wasn’t smart.   

Hood:  Hey, it’s been awhile, the man is obviously going to have some ring rust.   

~Syren uses his good leg and goes for another kick, Carlton, however, blocks it and trips Syren’s bad leg up, causing Syren to fall down.  Carlton grabs his legs again and looks to be wanting to lock in the Bounds of Modesty a second time..Syren fights it, though and Carlton makes an audible.  He falls backwards and slingshots Syren into the nearest corner!!  Syren’s head slams into the top turnbuckle and he comes stumbling out.  Carlton drills him with a superkick and Syren falls to the mat.  Carlton jumps on top of him for the pin, the ref makes the count~   



Kick Out!!!   

JD:  Unbelievable…how many times has this match looked to be over?   

ood:  Quite a few…these are two men who know what’s at stake and are not going to allow themselves to fall short.   

JD:  Apparently.   

~Carlton gets to his feet and goes right back to work on Syren.  He pulls Syren to his feet and drills him with a couple of straight right hands.  Syren is in the corner, dazed.  Carlton climbs to the second rope and starts to punch Syren in the head.  Syren, however, blocks the second punch and lifts Carlton up.  Syren takes a few steps out, turns around and powerbombs Carlton into the corner!!  Carlton, however, does not go down, instead, he staggers towards Syren.  When he does, Syren clutches his throat, lifts him up and drills him into the mat with a thunderous chokeslam!!  Syren then collapses on Carlton for the pin~   



Kick Out!!   

JD:  I can’t believe this!   

Hood:  That was it…I just knew it…   

JD:  Has Scott Syren met his match?    

Hood:  I didn’t think that was possible…but, maybe he has.   

~Syren gets to his feet and he grabs the ref by the throat, threatening him.  The ref looks like he is almost about to call for the bell.  Carlton, meanwhile, pulls himself to his feet.  He sees Syren’s attention being diverted and he walks up and kicks Syren in the kidney!!  Syren clutches his kidney in pain, releasing the ref.  Carlton runs into the ropes, he bounces off, Syren bends over as Carlton performs a sunset flip…he goes to roll Syren up, Syren, however, by grabbing Carlton’s legs and making a pin fall attempt.  The ref slides in with the count~   




~Carlton kicks out right after three as the bell rings with the crowd cheering the surprising pin~    

Predator:  Here is your winner… SCOTT SYREN!!!!    

JD:  Holy cow…what a match!   

Hood:  Look at Carlton…he can’t believe it!   

JD:  I can’t believe it…   

Hood:  That match could have gone either way, JD.   

~Syren, has his hand raised by Predator.  He responds by slapping Predator on the ass.  Predator smiles and gives Syren a good slap as well.  Syren then punches Predator out of the ring.  After doing so, Carlton clips Syren in the knee, taking the big man down!!  Syren holds his knee in pain as Carlton applies the Bounds of Modesty~   

JD:  What is this?!   

Hood:  Carlton is pissed…he was inches away from advancing to the Battle Royal!   

JD:  What a poor sport!    

~SCW security rushes and pulls Carlton off of Syren.  Carlton composes himself, calms down and apologizes to the SCW officials.  He leaves the ring as they take a look at Syren’s knee~

JD:  Carlton just lost it…apparently.   

Hood:  The guy is a brawler…he’s got a vicious mean streak in him, JD.    

JD:  Well, that’s no excuse.   

Hood:  I didn’t say it was an excuse…it’s a fact.   

JD:  Whatever.


~The feed cuts backstage where we see Stella Beckert standing alongside Justin Reilly.  Justin is in his usual pre-match BDU attire. Both of Justin’s arms are behind his back as they await the cue.  A moment later Stella Beckert begins speaking to the camera~ 

Stella Beckert: I’m joined here by the man known as the Black Horse, Justin Reilly.  Now you’re about to step into the ring for your second career match in your wrestling career, and I know you have a few words for one of the other contestants.

Justin Reilly: That’s correct.  You see one of the wrestlers I’m facing tonight tried to discredit what I hold more valuable than anything else.  She has tried to slander an entire military career that she couldn’t begin to understand.  What does Alexis Prodigy know of sacrifice?  What does she know of putting others before her?  What does she know of living, and serving, a greater cause? 

~At these words Justin’s voice slowly shifts from calm demeanor to more of an aggressive tone, but not quite angry.  He swings one of his hands out from behind his back, and points to the camera with an open palm before continuing~

Justin Reilly: When has she lived under the threat on an RPG attack simply walking between buildings?  When has she had to take part in a gun salute because a fellow soldier returned home from a tour overseas only to blow his own brains out?  What does she know of uncovering mass burial grounds that contain remains of political protesters in places like Iraq?  What does she know of these things? 

~The more Justin continues the more anger that can be sensed in his voice.  The last words are almost screamed rather than spoken.  There is definitely hostility in the air thick enough to cut it with a knife.  As Justin stops speaking, and Stella Beckert stands lost for words, only the twitching muscles in Justin’s reveal his true level of anger as his face is covered to see anything. Slowly Justin seemingly calms to a normal level~

Justin Reilly: Allow me to apologize to my fellow veterans for being used as pawns in this girl’s twisted games.  She has no respect for herself, and especially no respect for those that served to ensure her ability to wrestle in the ring we’re about to step into.  As a fellow veteran I respect each, and every one of you.  We may not always agree on political issues, but we all stand united on one thing.  Each of us has earned a level of respect for doing what must be done.  I salute you all. 

~Justin’s head drops for a few moments as he seems to be trying to pull himself back together.  As his head is still lowered he continues~

Justin Reilly: Lexington…  Alexis…  Whatever you want to call yourself, I have only one thing left to say to yourself…

~With that Justin lifts his head up.  Even though the mask blocks all facial expression, you can tell from his body language that his gaze is hard as steel~

Justin Reilly: You’ve just opened Pandora’s Box.  You’ve went, and made this personal.  You’ve disrespected all veterans everywhere, you’ve disrespected my service to this nation that I love, and you’ve disrespected your craft through your actions.  This match will not be about pinning you.  This match isn’t even about moving forward towards the gold.  This match will be about me teaching you a little respect.  I’m going to teach you what it means to mess with a soldier.  It won’t be pretty, and you won’t enjoy it. I can assure you of that.

~Just then Justin Reilly leaves the screen, and the Stella Beckert finds herself standing there alone.  There is a bit of uneasiness in his voice~

Stella Beckert: I guess that’s back to you.

~We cut to the announce table~

JD:  Justin Reilly looks focused and ready.

Hood:  Is that match next?

JD:  Indeed...and what a match it is shaping up to be.  You have, arguably, the most impressive wrestler in SCW thus far, Justin Reilly.

Hood:  The debut of an extremely fine, possibly psycho bitch in Alexis Prodigy.

JD:  And the first in ring action of the man who not only helped crucify Rik Ellis but also slugged out GM in the face...RM Strong.

Hood:  And...who's the fourth one again?

JD:  No clue...

Hood:  Fuck it, let's find out!

Alexis Prodigy (0-0) vs. 'Black Horse' Justin Reilly (1-0) vs. R.M. Strong (0-0) vs. Thor Vegard (0-1)


~We cut to the ring where Thor Vegard stands.  He is wearing a shirt with the name ‘Thor’ written in black sharpie ink.  He tries to give it to some fans, but they laugh at him and throw it back~


JD:  Hmm, I guess Thor is trying to sell some of his own merchandise.


Hood:  Yea, he pitched the idea to TGO and, in response, TGO handed him a sharpie and told him to ‘get creative’.


JD:  That’s creative?


Hood:  For Thor…yes.


Predator:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is an elimination fatal four way where the winner will receive a spot in next week's Battle Royal Main Event!!  Introducing first…some guy named Thor.


~The fans boo and throw whatever they can find of zero value at Thor.  The lights shut off all across the arena for about ten seconds. Suddenly, they burst back on with pyro on the stage as Thirty Seconds to Mars Kings and Queens hits the P.A. “oh--->” Alexis Prodigy appears on stage to a fairly good reaction. She is wearing a blue t-shirt and white bikini bottoms with white boots. She stands at the end of the ramp and raises up her arms as pyro goes off behind her with a huge smile on her face. She then sprints down to the ring giving high fives to her fans. “Into the night Desperate and broken The sound of a fight Father has spoken” She slaps hands with all of that at ringside and then jumps up and slides into the ring. She hits the right turnbuckle and raises up her arm to the fans. She then runs to the left turnbuckle and takes off her shirt revealing a bikini top. “oh->” She throws the shirt into the crowd and then jumps off the turnbuckle. She stretches in the ring and awaits her opponents. She has a bright smile on her face the whole time. “We were the kings and queens of promise We were the victims of ourselves Maybe the children of a lesser God Between Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell”


Predator:  Introducing next, from Orange County, California, standing 5’8 and weighing in at 120 lbs…Alexis Prodigy!!


~ “War is the Answer” by Five Finger Death Punch hits as the fans stand and cheer the appearance of Justin Reilly.  He makes his way to the ring~


Predator:  And, their opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, standing 6’0 feet tall and weighing in at 205 lbs… ‘Black Horse’ Justin Reilly!!


~ “Lowlife” by Theory of a Deadman plays as the fans watch RM Strong rush down to the ring~


Predator:  And, introducing last, from Chicago, Illinois, standing a scrumptious 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at a sexy 247 lbs…R…M….STRONG!!


~Strong enters the ring as Predator stares him down, sporting his black eye, thanks to Syren~


Predator:  You know, men can be cougars as well…


~Strong rolls his eyes and clotheslines Predator out of the ring, the crowd cheers wildly watching the creep being abused.  The bell suddenly sounds as Prodigy attacks Strong with a flurry of punches and kicks to his back and kidney area.  Strong is leaning against the ropes from her assault.  Reilly runs in and helps Alexis dump Strong over the top rope!!  Prodigy then turns around and receives a clothesline from Reilly as well!!  She goes over the top and lands on Strong!!  Reilly is the only man left in the ring…well, aside from Thor, who continues trying to sell his shirt~


JD:  And we’re off!!


Hood:  Everything is moving fast…aside from Thor’s shirt.


JD:  You think he could sell that to a homeless man?


Hood:  Homeless people only shell out money in liquor stores, moron.


~Reilly grabs Thor’s shirt and looks at it, Thor smiles~


JD:  Is Reilly going to purchase Thor’s shirt?


Hood:  I don’t know…is he able to carry money in those wrestling trunks?


JD:  Hmm…maybe Predator could frisk him?


Hood:  Fucking sick, guy!


~Reilly balls his fist up and wraps the shirt around it.  He then slugs Thor in the face!!  Thor falls over, knocked out.  Reilly rips the shirt in half.  He then grabs Thor’s arms and locks him in the Rings of Saturn!!!  Thor quickly taps out from the pain.  Reilly picks Thor up and tosses him over the top rope, along with his ripped shirt, the fans cheer wildly for Reilly~


JD:  Well, there goes Thor.


Hood:  And his shirt.


JD:  I think his shirt had more resistance than Thor did.


Hood:  That isn’t saying fucking much…but, I will comment on how brutal that No Surrender hold of Reilly’s is…


JD:  And, your comment is?


Hood:  It’s fucking brutal, man.


~Strong re-enters the ring and goes after Reilly.  He nails Reilly with a few punches and Reilly is back into a corner.  Strong knees him into the gut and lifts him up for a suplex.  Strong holds him up there, displaying his, umm, strength and Prodigy re-enters the ring.  She clips Strong’s knee which allows Reilly to land on top of him.  The ref makes the count~






~Prodigy rips Reilly off of Strong~


JD:  What the??


Hood:  Wins are at a premium, JD…the more you win, the closer you get to becoming the first ever SCW World Champion.


JD:  Ahhh…good point.


Hood:  No problem, I’m used to leading clueless Play by Play men around by the hand.


~Alexis kicks Reilly in the head a few times, keeping him grounded.  In spite of her kicks, Reilly manages to slowly get to his feet.  Alexis counters this by rushing into the ropes, bouncing off, grabbing Reilly’s head and dropping him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker!!  Once on the mat, Alexis grabs the head of Reilly and hooks him with a front face lock~


JD:  It’s clear what Alexis Prodigy’s game plan is…wear down the larger opponent.


Hood:  Really, JD?  I thought she’d walk in there and box with the guy…


JD:  There are worse strategies.


Hood:  True…apparently Thor thought selling his T-shirt would somehow catapult him to the top of SCW.


~Strong gets to his feet and sees Alexis wearing Reilly down.  He grabs her by the legs and yanks her off or Reilly.  Alexis turns around and kicks Strong in the face with her heel.  Strong staggers back.  Alexis kips up but is met with a wicked clothesline from Strong!!  She lands hard as Strong stands over her.  Reilly, however, surprises Strong with a roll up, the ref makes the count~






Kick Out!!


JD:  Wow, Reilly with the element of surprise there!


Hood:  And right after RM Strong nearly broke Alexis Prodigy in half.


JD:  Can’t ever lose focus in a match like this.


Hood:  No way, Jose.


JD:  Best yard man I’ve ever had.




~Reilly gets back to his feet and pulls Strong to his, Strong fights him off using his superior strength.  He whips Reilly into the ropes, Reilly bounces off and leap frogs Strong, as he lands, we see Prodigy has made it back to her feet, she greets him with a spinning heel kick!!  Reilly backs up into Strong who hooks Reilly and delivers a crushing German Suplex!!  Strong holds on for the pin, the ref makes the count~








~Alexis breaks up the pin attempt~


JD:  Reilly’s undefeated streak almost came to an end.


Hood:  Would you quit being so damn dramatic, the guy is 1-0!


JD:  Technically, that is an undefeated streak.


Hood:  Technically, all three people in the ring are riding an undefeated streak.


JD:  Ooooohhh…you’re right…how intriguing!


~Prodigy jumps on top of Strong and delivers a couple of vicious forearm uppercuts to him while they are on the mat.  Reilly gets to his feet, staggers around and then focuses on Alexis.  He grabs her by the hair and yanks her off of Strong.  She kicks her leg back, nailing Reilly in the crotch!  Reilly falls back against the ropes, Alexis rushes at him and he ducks and lifts her over the top rope where she lands hard, yet again~


JD:  That’s the second time she’s been dumped by a man in this match.


Hood:  Stop making jokes…you are not funny.


JD:  Hey, that guy over there is laughing!


Hood:  The dude has consumed like a case of beer since the show started…he’d laugh at anything.


~Reilly turns his attention to Strong and he applies a few boots to the back of Strong’s head.  Reilly then rushes to the nearest corner and hops up on the top rope.  Strong notices and shakes the ropes, Reilly falls, landing hard on the top turnbuckle.  Strong rushes over, climbs to the top with Reilly, hooks his arm under Reilly’s head and leaps off with Reilly, dropping him with a devastating Avalanche C4!!!  Strong goes for the pin as the ref makes the count~








JD:  RM Strong has eliminated Justin Reilly!!


Hood:  Okay, The Chicago Massacre is officially my favorite finisher in SCW.


JD:  It is impressive, especially when being performed by a man of Strong’s size.


Hood:  Yup, and there goes Reilly’s undefeated streak.


JD:  Sad but true…he was so impressive last week…just didn’t have it this week, for some reason.


~Reilly exits the ring as Strong catches his breath.  Alexis, meanwhile, is perched atop a corner, waiting for Strong to turn around.  He does and she leaps off going for a huricanrana!  Strong, however, holds onto her and drills her in the middle of the ring with a powerbomb!!  She lands hard as Strong stares down at her~


JD:  Okay, now that was brutal.


Hood:  This could be it for Alexis…I’ll give her credit, she’s looked way better than the other women in SCW’s short history.


JD:  I can’t argue that.


~Strong lifts Alexis up to her feet and picks her up, over his shoulder.  He stands in a nearby corner and runs towards the middle of the ring.  He drops her to the mat with a running powerslam!!  Alexis is laid flat out on the mat.  Strong goes for the pin~






Kick Out!!


JD:  She’s not done yet!


Hood:  That’s those hereditary instincts kicking in…


JD:  She seems to have come by her name honestly.


~Strong grabs Alexis and hooks her for a belly to belly suplex.  He executes the move perfectly.  Strong then pulls Alexis to her feet once again, lifts her up in the air and drills her into the mat with a brain buster.  The fans cringe from the impact.  Strong wipes his hands with confidence as he goes for another pin, the ref makes the count~






Kick Out!!


JD:  Another kickout!


Hood:  This won’t go on forever, though, we’re inching closer to that third slap of the mat.


JD:  Yea, Strong is dissecting poor little Alexis.


Hood:  Poor little Alexis would rip your fucking throat out, JD.


JD:  I like a strong woman.


~Strong looks towards a nearby corner, knowing what he has to do.  He lifts Alexis up and sets her on the top turnbuckle.  He climbs up there with her, readying Alexis for the Chicago Masscre.  Strong hooks Alexis under the head but is met with a couple of stiff elbows to the side of the head.  This loosens Strong’s grip.  Alexis then, using her agility, stands up and kicks Strong in the head repeatedly.  Strong loses his balance and tumbles from the top, all the way to the floor!!  Strong hits with a sickening thud~


JD:  She’s got him down!


Hood:  Now she’s got a chance…


~Alexis stands up and leaps off the top, landing on Strong with a guillotine leg drop!!!  Alexis rolls around, clutching her leg in pain as Strong isn’t moving, the fans cheer the move~


JD:  Crazy!!


Hood:  She’s doing what she has to in order to win this one, JD.


JD:  Yea, but she could break a hip performing a move like that.


Hood:  Break a hip?!  For the love, JD, she isn’t Betty fucking White.


JD:  Two Betty White references??  What is this, Betty White appreciation?


Hood:  Golden Girls marathon was on…I…umm…saw it playing at the auto shop earlier today.


JD:  But you don’t own a car.


Hood:  Err…umm…isn’t this a great match?


JD:  You freaking know it…heckles yea!


~Alexis rolls back into the ring and yells at the ref to continue counting.  He’s up to five~






~Alexis screams at him to hurry up.  Strong pulls himself to his feet using the cloth on the ring apron~




~Strong finally realizes he’s in danger of being counted out.  He moves with more urgency~




~Strong slides in under the bottom rope, breaking the count.  Alexis rolls her eyes and shoves the ref out of the way in frustration.  She grabs Strong’s head and applies a Triangle Choke Hold!!  Strong struggles to break free, but it’s locked in super tight.  The ref gets into position, to monitor Strong’s status~


JD:  This girl has all kinds of moves up her skirt.


Hood:  Skirt?


JD:  Sleeve!!  I meant Sleeve…


Hood:  Fucking perv


~Strong starts to go out, losing a ton of oxygen.  His arm lands against the mat.  The ref decides to check his state of consciousness.  He lifts Strong’s arm up…it hits the mat.  He lifts it again, it lands twice, the ref holds it up for a third and final time~


JD:  If it lands this time, the match is over.


Hood:  Choked out by a bitch…Strong is doing it wrong.


JD:  Excuse me?


Hood:  Wayne Brady says you’re supposed to choke a bitch…not be choked by a bitch.


JD:  Really?  We’re still referencing Chappelle’s show?


Hood:  That show is a fucking classic!


JD:  Like Golden Girls??


Hood: I’m turning off my fucking headset.


~The ref drops Strong’s arm…he keeps it from hitting the mat.  The fans start to get behind Strong as he tries to fight out of the hold.  Alexis continues to apply pressure, sensing that she is close to finishing this match.  Strong, though, gets to his feet and holds Alexis up in the air.  Alexis refuses to release the hold.  Strong walks into a nearby corner and starts to slam Alexis into the top turnbuckle!!  He slams her repeatedly with each slam harder than the previous one.  She finally releases the hold and, when she does, Strong tosses her through the air and into the center of the ring!!  Alexis lands hard.  Strong falls back into the corner, exhausted~


JD:  This one could be over!


Hood:  *whistling*


JD:  Hood?


Hood:  La dee daa…


JD:  Turn your headset on!!


~Strong keeps his eye on Alexis while he catches his breath.  Alexis gets to her feet.  Strong stands up and rushes at her.  He drills her with a clothesline!!  She falls to the mat, clutching her chest and throat in pain.  Strong stomps on her throat, causing Alexis to cough violently.  Strong then lifts Alexis up and applies a sleeper hold!!  Alexis squirms, trying to fight out of it~


JD:  Alexis is losing oxygen fast!


Hood:  Sleeeeeper hold!


JD:  Strong may close this one out!


Hood:  Strong is in control!


JD:  Turn them back on, please…we’re conflicting with each other!


Hood:  I’m not sure how much longer Alexis can hold on.


JD:  Fine, your mother is a prostitute.




~Alexis, using her ring presence, leads Strong towards a corner.  Once in the corner, she uses her legs and walks up to the top turnbuckle.  She then kicks back, hard and flips over Strong, breaking from the hold.  While in the air, she grabs Strong’s arms and crosses them around his neck.  She then lands behind him, jumps up, puts her knees in his back and drops him with the Generation Gap!!!  Strong’s body is stunned as Alexis goes for the pin~








~The bell rings as Alexis leaps to her feet.  Strong rolls towards the ropes~


Predator:  Here is your winner…ALEXIS PRODIGY!!!!


~Strong gets to his feet, holding his back in pain.  He pleads with the ref, thinking the count was fast.  Alexis, however, has exited the ring with the win secured.  The ref talks back at  Strong.  Strong responds by hurling the ref over the top rope.~


JD:  RM Strong is not a happy camper.


Hood:  Nope, Alexis Prodigy just stunned him…that chick can go, man.


JD:  Yes, extremely impressive.


~Strong is irate…pacing back and forth in the ring.  Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out~


JD:  What the…


Hood:  Fuck?!


~The quickly come back on as Madelyne Wright is standing behind RM Strong.  She has a steel chair in her hand and appears to be just fine after her match earlier.  Strong turns around and is drilled with a chair to the head!  He falls to the mat~


JD:  What is she doing out here?


Hood:  Your guess is as good as mine…maybe some female coalition or something?


JD:  Possibly…they may have taken offense to Strong’s cougar hunt from this past week.


~Wright nails Strong with several chair shots until he stops moving.  She drops the chair on top of Strong’s body and exits the ring.  Fans are shocked, not knowing what is going on.  She walks up the ramp and, upon reaching the top, is greeted by SCW GM Jeffrey James.  He holds his arms out as she falls to her knees~


JD:  Okay, this is weird.


Hood:  Hell yea, time for some good ole fashioned dick sucking!


~James reaches out with ash on his thumb and gives Wright the sign of the cross on her forehead.  She closes her eyes and smiles.  James then stands back and instructs her to stand up.  She does and walks to the back with James~


JD:  Sooo…is she the new Trinity member…taking Strong’s vacated spot?


Hood:  All signs point to yes.


JD:  Are you a magic eight ball?


Hood:  Ask again later.

JD:  I will not.  However, I will comment that our GM appears to be a man you don't want to mess with.  RM Strong paid dearly for his actions earlier tonight and I can't imagine he's going to have an easy road ahead.

Hood:  Absolutely, I'd love to hit my boss as, not you TGO...that other owner guy...but, I don't...why?  Because I like my job.

JD:  Exactly.

~We head backstage where Chenoa Young and Thor Vegard are being stretchered out of the arena.  TGO stands by, watching.  Stella Beckart rushes into view~

Stella Beckart:  Mr. Kent!  What happened??

The Great One:  Oh, just your usual jobber beat down.

Stella Beckart:  Did you get footage of the action?

The Great One:  Nope, not worth the cost of the air time.

~An ambulance pulls up, the two SCW superstars are about to be placed in it.  TGO slaps a couple of very pink looking slips onto their foreheads~

The Great One:  Fired and Fired.  Have a nice life...or, better yet, don't.

~Suddenly, Chance Von Crank and Hammer walk into view~

The Great One:  Oh, guys like stretchers?

Hammer:  Is this a trick question?

The Great One:  Why would that be a trick question?

Chance Von Crank:  How thick is the mattress?  Are we talking feather or foam pillows?

The Great One:  Shut the hell up!  You two are booked in a tag match next week.  Impress me or end up like these two it?

~Crank and Hammer nod as TGO turns to walk off...Stella stops him~

Stella Beckart:  Before you go, sir...I've received word that Angel has received word from your business partner...something about a reprimand.

The Great One:  Oh, is that so?  Well, if Angel has anything to tell me...she can come and locate me back here...I'm a busy man, as you can see.

~TGO storms off, we cut back to the announce table~

JD:  The SCW honeymoon is officially over, Hood...peeps are getting fired.

Hood:  Thor Young and Chenoa Vegard?  Big loss right there.

JD:  Something like that...anyway...this has been an amazing night of action!

Hood: I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to work with you.




JD: Why do you say that?




Hood: Because if you keep up with the stupid ass comments I’m likely to shoot myself.




JD (sarcastically): Now we don’t want that now do we.




Hood: Second thought I would just shoot you.

Andre 'The King' Dixon (2-0) vs. Dangerous Dan (0-1) vs. 'Gentleman' Jim Douglas (0-0) vs. Night Crawler (1-0)

Predator: It’s now time for our MAIN EVENT! First, making his way to the ring, from Sheffield, England and weighing in at 210lbs...‘GENTLEMAN’ JIM DOUGLAS!!




~The classical strains of "Spitfire Prelude and Fugue" are suddenly heard throughout the arena, as the arena lights first dim, then change to a golden glow. Eventually, 'Gentleman' Jim Douglas appears at the top of the ramp, evidently just finishing his match preparation, wrapping the final piece of athletic tape around his right wrist. He is followed shortly afterwards by his manager, Harry Burns, who exudes his usual businesslike manner. Douglas shows his appreciation towards the SCW fans on either side of the arena, raising his hands high and applauding each side in turn. Finally, he looks back at Burns, who gives a curt nod, before trotting down to the ring, looking focused and ready for the battle ahead. As Jim ducks between the top and middle ropes, Predator gets behind him and stares hard, he nods in approval and continues his job.~




Hood: That guy is a freak!




JD: I kinda like him.




Hood: Of course you would! You’re a child molester and a perve yourself!




JD: Am not!




Hood: Are too!




JD: Am not!




Hood: Are too times infinity squared!




JD: Damn....




Predator: And now from Wildwood, NJ, standing 7 foot tall and weighing in at a voluptuous 375lbs member of Trinity...NIGHT CRAWLER!!!!




~The lights black out and a lightning bolt hits a spot at the top of the ramp, igniting a small area in blue flames. The fans boo loudly as "Nightcrawler" by Judas Priest hits the speakers and blue violet lights illuminate the arena. Rising from the flames (much like Gangrel in WWF did) is the monstrous Night Crawler. He calmly steps through the flames and slowly walks to the ring. Stepping over the top rope, Night Stalker then stands in the middle of the ring and snaps his arms up as Lightning bolts hit all four turnbuckles and blue flames fire forth from them. Predator stands against the ropes licking his lips. The lights return to normal when the pyro is over.~




JD: This guy scares me.




Hood: That’s because you’re a pussy.




JD: No I’m not!




Hood: Are we going to start this again?


~"Gangsta Music" by Young Jeezy hits as the lights begin to flicker and smoke begins to fill the entrance way. As the actual music begins to play Andre Dixon steps out onto the top of the ramp and stops for a moment.~




Predator: Making his way to the ring he weighed in at a sexy 235lbs and is from Hotlanta, GA. My piece of dark chocolate...ANDRE “THE KING” DIXON!!




~Dixon is wearing his black wrestling trunks and no shirt as he looks around the crowd that is going crazy. After a moment he walks down the ramp and into the ring where he gets up on one of the corner turnbuckles and lifts his right arm in the air. Dixon gets down and stares down two of his opponents as he waits for the match to begin.~




Hood: Predator just keeps getting creepier and creepier.




JD: I kinda like him.




Hood: Of course you do! I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like you.




JD: What do you mean?




Hood: You’re obviously attracted to old, crazy, and little boy molesters.




~Suddenly the stadium lights go off and “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour blares over the PA system as the packed crowd gets to their feet. Dangerous Dan walks out from behind the curtain as the crowd pops. Dan makes his way to the ring and slides in. the lights turn back on as Predator steps out of the ring, but not without making a lewd comment towards Dan. Predator takes his seat at ringside as the bell rings.~




JD:  Here we go!




Hood: This has to be the most boring main event ever.




JD: I definitely don’t agree with you!  We have some of the best talent ever in the ring right now.




Hood: They’re no TGO...




JD: Kiss ass.




~The match starts as all 4 men size each other up. Dixon and Dan lock eyes as does Douglas and Night Crawler, almost instantaneously the aforementioned pairs run at each other and the action begins. Dan gets the first blow after he blocks a right hand by Dixon and answers with one of his own and follows it up with about 5 more right handed blows to the face, sending Dixon reeling into the corner. Like a man possessed Dan climbs to the middle turnbuckle and pounds away at the face of Andre Dixon. After ten more blows Dan monkey flips Dixon out of the corner, sending him crashing down to the mat.~




JD: Wow, Dan is on a rampage.




Hood: I like this non-pussy side of Dangerous Dan.




~We get back to the action in the ring, focusing on Crawler and Douglas. Crawler has the upper hand in this battle as he has Douglas backed into the corner with his foot squarely placed in the throat of Jim Douglas, the ref trying to break up the choke, giving the 5 count. As it gets to 4 the boot of Crawler goes back down to the mat as he tries to intimidate the ref that backs up and Crawler continues his work. He takes Douglas out of the corner and whips him into the ropes, Douglas bounces back only to be met with a huge big boot right to the forehead, sending him down to the mat.




As Crawler focuses on Douglas, Dangerous Dan continues his work on Andre Dixon. This time Dan rushes towards the ropes and bounces off towards a downed Dixon, he jumps over him initially and goes towards the other side of the ring and jumps on the middle rope and hits a beautiful moonsault on Dixon. Dan quickly goes for the cover~









~Dixon kicks out after the two count, but this doesn’t stop Dan who immediately grabs up Dixon and whips him into the ropes and tries to connect with a clothesline but Dixon ducks under only to come face to face with Night Crawler who catches Dixon by the throat in his left hand while he has Douglas by the throat with his right.~




Hood: Oh shiz!




JD: I don’t like the look of this...




Hood: This is going to be great! CRUCIFY THEM!




~Night Crawler lifts both men up in the air, but apparently Dan does not like what is happening and and dropkicks the right knee of Night Crawler sending him down to one knee and releasing his grasp on the other two competitors. The three standing men all look at each other and nod their head as they all suddenly start to team up and work on the big man, Night Crawler, pounding away with rights and lefts to the body and head. Dixon climbs to the top rope as he instructs the other two men to move out of the way, with Crawler still miraculously only down to one knee. He leaps off with a missile dropkick that connects squarely on the temple of Night Crawler.~




JD: This doesn’t look like it’s going to end with for Night Crawler.




Hood: Well hell...




~Crawler crashes down to the mat. But some how starts to immediately make his way to his feet. Douglas capitalizes and pulls him the rest of the way up and pushes him into the corner sternum first. Douglas repeatedly slams Crawler’s head into the turnbuckle after about five different times Douglas runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes he runs towards Night Crawler and hits a bulldog right in to the top turnbuckle as he leaps over the top rope and down to the ground.~








Hood: He’s a dumbass for even thinking that would be a good move to finish off his opponents with, did he not think about the consequences that would happen?




JD: Apparently not.




~The Trick Shot leaves Night Crawler more than disoriented as he stumbles out of the corner almost falling down only to be caught with the End Game (RKO) by Andre Dixon, sending Crawler crashing down to the mat, the impact turning his body face up. At this time Dangerous Dan is already perched up on the top rope and leaps off with The ENDD (swanton bomb) connecting beautifully!~




Hood: BAHAHAHAHA Crawler is getting his ass handed to him!




JD: That’s all three finishing maneuvers from the Crawler’s competitors!




~Andre Dixon sees an opportunity and capitalizes covering Night Crawler as Dan is still trying to recover and get over to pin Crawler.













~Andre Dixon picks up a win~








Hood: Ha! I’m liking this Dixon guy!




JD: That wasn’t his win to take!




Hood: Dan should have been faster...




~Dangerous Dan obviously not liking what he has just witnessed and is now on his feet, as Andre Dixon celebrates as if he has just won the SCW World Title, runs towards Dixon and connects with a tremendous forearm to the back of the head that leaves Andre Dixon stumbling forward and down to his knees. Dixon is caught by the middle rope as his arms and throat hang over it. Dan bounces off the opposite ropes and runs towards Dixon. Dan catapults himself over the top rope and hangs onto it, changing his body’s direction to the side and hits and amazing leg drop right on the back of the head.~




JD: Oh my God!




Hood: Eh...just another Dangerous Dan match. Can I go home yet?




~Both Andre Dixon and Dangerous Dan are now down, with Dixon on the inside and Dan on the outside, holding his ass and his leg. By this time Jim Douglas has fully recuperated and seeks out an opportunity. He sees both men down and focuses his attention to the man inside the ring, Andre Dixon. He methodically gets into the ring and walks around Dixon, stalking him, wondering what would be the best part of his body to hurt. He picks up Dixon, who seems to be knocked out on his feet, and connects with a couple of knife edge chops to the chest of Dixon backing him into the ropes. Douglas irish whips Dixon across the ring as Dixon bounces off he grabs him and connects with a beautiful belly to belly suplex. Douglas quickly follows up and picks up Dixon once again and whips him into the turnbuckle. Douglas runs at him and connects with a flying splash, as Dixon stumbles out and falls flat on his face.~




JD: Jim Douglas is really showing that he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with here in the SCW!




Hood: Just say if JD, Douglas is kicking that ass!




JD: I will do no such thing.




Hood: Why?




JD: Because I sound like something from a Lorenzo Demarco promo.




Hood: You do NOT talk about TBO like that!








Hood: The Black One! DUH!




~Douglas starts to climb the rope and is perched like a hawk as he awaits Dixon to make it to his feet. Dixon starts to move and finally makes his way to this feet, disoriented and his back turned towards Jim Douglas. Dixon finally turns around as Jim leaps off of the top rope with a flying reverse elbow, but Dixon sees it coming and side steps sending Douglas crashing down to the mat. Dixon sees an opportunity and takes advantage of it, picking up Douglas with his back towards Dixon. He then hits a bridging german suplex as he goes for the pin.












3! NO! 

~Douglas kicks out of it. Not yet frustrated by Douglas kicking out, Dixon once again picks up Douglas and this time hits a bridging fisherman suplex and goes for the pin~












3! NO! 

~Once again he kicks out!~




JD: Two close ones!




Hood: This Douglas is a bad bitch!




JD: Watch your language son!




Hood: Don’t call me son again or I’ll have Predator shove his...




JD: WOAH! Too much sir!




Hood: That’s what I thought




~Now showing signs of frustration he picks up Douglas and gets him into a suplex position one more time, he hits one standard suplex and holds onto it, he picks up Douglas once again, still holding onto his suplex position and hits one more! But Dixon still has it locked in! He picks him up for a third one, but Douglas finds some willpower and blocks it. Dixon tries once again to lift him, but once again Douglas blocks it. Douglas quickly lifts a knee to the gut of Dixon and gains the upper hand. Douglas lifts up Dixon in the air and holds him straight up. He then turns the suplex in and hits an amazing screwdriver!!~




JD: That has to be it!!




Hood: Did you see that impact?!




~Douglas quickly goes for the cover...












3! NO! 

~From out of nowhere Dangerous Dan has leaped off of the top turnbuckle and broken up the pin attempt with The ENDD!! Dan quickly capitalizes this time and makes a pin attempt on his own, on Andre Dixon~




















JD: We’re down to two men Hood!




Hood: Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a tad impressed...




JD: I told you so!




Hood: Shut up fuckface!




~Dan, obviously on a roll quickly tries to add momentum and picks up Douglas and whips him into the ropes. Douglas who isn’t as winded as Dan thinks slides through the legs of Dan who tries for a clothesline. Douglas quickly bounces back up before Dan can turn around and lock in a cobra clutch!!! Jim Douglas cranks on the cobra clutch as Dan can be seen slowly fading out.~




Hood: This looks like The ENDD for Dan...see what I did there?!




JD: You’re stupid.




Hood: No you’re stupid!




JD: Now YOU’RE going to do it?




Hood: Didn’t hurt to try.




~Before Dan goes out Douglas lifts up Dan with the cobra clutch still intact and drives him down to the mat with a cobra clutch bomb. Dan holds his back, obviously still hurting from the fall taken outside of the ring. Douglas quickly turns his opponent over to his stomach and locks in a grapevine, but he doesn’t stop there he also locks in a dragon sleeper!!~




JD: It’s The Safety Shot!




Hood: Dan’s screwed..




~Dan writhes and screams in pain as he reaches out for the ropes that are obviously too far for him to reach. Dan has no choice but to tap out!!~




Predator: Here is your winner...'GENTLEMAN' JIM DOUGLAS!!!!!


Hood: The world is ending, the Brits are taking over...




~”Here We Are Juggernaut” suddenly plays over the PA system as out walks Trevor “The Great One” Kent from behind the curtain. The crowd’s cheers signals that he’s in his home town and at his alma matter. TGO looks disgusted as he hears the cheers. He raises the microphone and begins to speak.~




TGO: What the fuck was that? We have to change this shit immediately..




~The boos now rain in from the crowd.~




TGO: That’s more like it. Now I saw the match and while it wasn’t an epic TGO match, it did in fact steal the show. So with Lorenzo Demarco, tragically injured earlier today, which we will be looking into who savagely attacked him.




~TGO snickers under his breath.~




TGO: We have the matter of who is going to take his place next week in the battle royale. So I have an idea, like always. Dangerous Dan, YOU will be taking his place in the Battle Royale next week on Superiority in the main event! Consider that my gift to you...

~Suddenly, 'End of the Dream' by Evanescnece begins to play as the stand in for SCW's Mystery Co-Owner, Angel rushes down to the ring.  She has her theme cut immediately and speaks as she hustles to the ring~

Angel:  Hold it right there, Trevor.  

~TGO looks towards her~

TGO:  This is big boy business, babe...turn around and go play with your hair or something.

~Angel gets into the ring~

Angel:  All of this ISN'T just yours, Trevor.  You are a CO-OWNER...meaning you can't just walk around and do whatever you want.  Your business partner has been made aware of your actions and I've been ordered to reprimand you.

TGO:  Hahaha

Angel:  You think this is funny?  Well, here's something I think is funny, Dangerous Dan will NOT be in the Battle Royal next week.  Instead, we will be seeing Mark Carlton.

TGO:  Excuse me?

Angel:  That's right...and it's an official order directly from your business partner...the other owner of SCW.

TGO:  Dan, what do you think of that?

~Dan is not pleased~

TGO:  Tell you what, Dan...if you want that spot in the Battle Royal, knock this bitch out.

~Dan looks at Angel~

Angel:  Don't do it, Dan.  Don't listen to him.  Earn your spot, like you've always don't want things simply handed to you...right?

TGO:  She's an idiot, Dan.  Look what 'earning' has gotten you thus far?  Take this gift I'm offering you...

~Dan struggles with the decision, the fans plead with him not to do it~

JD:  Dan's not punching Angel...he'd never hit a girl.

Hood:  Desperate times call for desperate measures, JD...

~Dan looks at Angel, Angel smiles back at him.  Dan then turns to TGO~

TGO:  Hit her, Dan!  Do it!  Earn your spot in next week's main event!!

~Dan turns around and clotheslines Angel!!!  She falls to the mat, TGO then yells while pointing at the top rope~

TGO:  The ENDD, Dan...come it!

~Dan climbs to the top rope and nails Angel with The ENDD!!!  The fans go quiet with shock as Angel is motionless in the middle of the ring.  Dan gets up and shakes TGO's hand~

TGO:  Smart man...ladies and gentlemen...we hope you have enjoyed Rookie's Night Out...presented by SCW Superiority.  Tune in next week where Dangerous Dan...not Mark Carlton...will compete in an epic five man Battle Royal!  

~TGO tosses the mic to the mat and steps on Angel as he moves to exit~

JD:  I can't believe this...what has become of Dangerous Dan?

Hood:  He's tired of losing, JD...the guy wants to win.

JD:  You have to know the Mystery Co-Owner is going to seek vengeance for this act.

Hood:  If the fucking guy even exists...

JD:  I sure hope he does...I'm not sure how much longer SCW can handle this tyrannical TGO reign.

Hood:  What you call Tyrannical, I call fucking awesome.

JD:  Whatever...well that's it tonight, folks..we hope you enjoyed this special Rookie's Night Out edition of Superiority...see you next week!

~We fade to black~