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  • Original Wrestlers ONLY. In the SCW we strive for originality, so no "Cold Stone" Austin Stevens either!
  • At this point, we are only allowing one wrestler per handler. As time goes on, we may allow more. Tag Teams count as ONE wrestler. 
  • If you lose a match, please don't whine about it. If you lost, there was a reason you lost, as in, you were out roleplayed. Take it for what it is please
  • Be mindful of others, just watch what you say so it doesn't offend anyone in the OOC sense, we're all about having a good time, and we don't like censorship, but don't overdo it.
  • Most importantly: HAVE FUN! We have been doing this for years, and love it. We hope, if you are here, you love it as well. So please, just  enjoy yourselves!

Roleplaying Rules

  • There will be one show a week, Sunday Superiority.
  • Roleplaying will take place from Monday until Friday at Midnight.
  • For a Roleplay to count for a certain day, it must be posted by 11:59pm CST on that day.
  • There is a limit of two roleplays per match. 
  • Roleplays must be no smaller than 30 lines! Remember, quality of the work is better than how long the RP is. If it gets long and boring, chances are we'll stop reading.
  • Please be original. A 50 line original roleplay will beat a 100 line house show roleplay EVERY TIME!
  • For pay per views it will be 4 roleplays, same rules apply to the general RPing rules. You will have two weeks to roleplay.