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~The lights in the arena dim dark after the opening credits. Green and White fireworks blast on the entrance ramp as “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes starts through the PA system.  A green light shines at the entrance through the smoke as SCW Co-Owner Rik Ellis steps through. He’s wearing and black and white pin striped dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up and a pair of faded blue jeans. The crowd erupts as Rik raises his hands, a smile across his face. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring. He raises his hands again and gold fireworks rain from the arena roof. He picks up the mic that has been slide to him~


Rik: Hello, and WELCOME TO THE SCW!!!!!!!!


~The crowd explodes~

Rik: Oh man, I never thought this would happen. But here we are, and boy am I happy to see the turn out we have here tonight. We have a great first show planned for everyone tonight, with some big announcements.  But, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, I just wanted to come out here and welcome you to the SCW. Enjoy your night, and again, thank you for supporting us.

~The music hits again as Rik makes his way out of the ring, shaking hands of the crowd as he walks into the back~

JD:  Welcome everyone to the inaugural Superiority!!  I'm  your host, JD and, alongside me is Hoo...

Hood:  The immortal, unbeatable, phenomenal, orgasmic, insert over-the-top badass adjective here...Hood!!

JD:  Sure.  Tonight, we kick off what is sure to be a great run in the SCW!  Three great matches featuring young, talented competitors, all with a singular goal of achievement within SCW.

Hood:  That and the sweet contract I cut with the powers that be here entitle me to free beer all night long.  Ahhh, it's great to be back!

~We pan through the excited crowd and find ourselves settling on a large suite.  Seated in the suite is none other than ICWF Hall of Famer and GCWA Owner, Accelerator.  He flashes a smile as a SCW employee delivers him a letter~

JD:  It’s Ace!  The GCWA owner is here in SCW!

Hood:  Apparently he has good taste.

JD:  Yes, that is a fine suit Ace is wearing.

Hood:  No, that fine bitch sitting to his left.

~Ace reads the note and whispers something to the SCW employee.  They rush off as Ace picks up his drink, takes a sip and places his arm around the girl next to him.  We cut to the announce table~


JD:  What could this mean?  What is Ace doing here?  What is going on?!?!

Hood:  For fucks sake, somebody shoot this guy with a tranquilizer dart.

JD:  They could just sedate me, you know.

Hood:  No way man, if someone is going to tranquilize your ass; I want it to be via gunfire.

JD:  That’s not nice.

Hood:  And I’m Hood, nice to meet you, BJ.

JD:  It’s JD.

Hood:  Stupid fucking name.

JD:  I'm going to ignore that.

~Hood attempts to sign 'stupid fucking name' to JD, but he really has no idea what he's doing, so it winds up looking like some kind of half assed seizure.  JD, being the pro that he is, goes right into hype mode~

JD:  Well, Hood…can you feel it??

Hood:  Feel what?

JD: It…can you feel…it…

~Hood looks around, nervously, JD is grinning like a weirdo~

Hood:  What the….

~Hood jumps back as he feels something on his leg.  He shoves JD out of his chair~

JD:  Ouch!  What did you do that for!

Hood:  For touching my leg!

JD:  I wasn’t touching your leg…

~Hood looks under the announce table and sees a loose cord hanging~

Hood:  Oh…

JD:  Now what do you have to say for yourself?

Hood: That was a pre-emptive strike…I’m sure that push will be more than justified.

~JD gets back to his feet and re-positions his chair~

Hood:  And how in the hell are your headsets still on?

JD: I Velcro them to a strap that’s around my neck that way I never miss calling any of the action!

Hood:  For fucks sake.

JD:  So, can you feel it?

Hood:  Stop with the feeling shit!

JD:  Well, I don’t know about you, Hood, but I can feel it…the sensation running through my body that the first ever SCW match is about to take place!

~Predator slowly enters the ring.  He is old, creepy and has stringy, black dread locks~

Hood:  What is THAT guy doing here?

JD:  SCW hired him as the ring announcer.

Hood:  That fucking pervert?  You know he was on To Catch a Predator so many times that they began listing his name in the opening credits…

JD:  No worries, there are two police officers ringside to make sure Predator doesn’t get too frisky with the fans.

Hood:  I guess I don’t understand how someone like THAT keeps finding work.

JD:  He has the voice of an angel.

Thor Vegard (0-0) vs. Major Kendu (0-0)

~The ring bell sounds as Predator puts the mic to his lips~

Predator:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever Superiority!!!  This match, SCW’s first ever match, is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, from Galien, Michigan, Standing 6’2 and weighing in at 234 lbs…Major Kendu!!

~The fans stand and look as loud fireworks go off as Bad Habit by the Offspring starts to play. Major Kendu walks out holding a chair and his bag of tricks as he makes his way to the ring.  Kendu reaches the ring and places his bag of tricks near the steps.  He slides into the ring and looks over at Predator who has his hand in his pants.  Kendu positions himself in the corner furthest from SCW’s ring announcer~

Predator:  And, his opponent, from Oslo, Norway…he stands 6 feet 4 inches and weighs in at a sexily toned 215lbs…Thor Vegard!!!

~ “God of Emptiness” by Morbid Angel begins playing as Thor Vegard runs down to the ringside area.  He runs up the ring steps and enters with a rush of excitement.  In his excitement, he fails to notice that Predator is standing right behind him.  Thor turns around and bumps into Predator, he looks down, finding Predators hand in his pants.  Thor quickly jumps back as Predator licks his lips.  The ref ushers Predator out of the ring.  The bell sounds again, signifying the start of the match~

Hood:  Will somebody get that FREAK out of the ring??

JD:  That’s no way to treat someone from a foreign land, Hood.  Thor’s Norwegian customs may be unfamiliar to you, but that doesn’t make them freakish.

Hood:  I was talking about Predator you stupid fucking retard.

~Predator makes his way back to his seat.  A few fans, out of excitement, reach their hands out.  Predator goes to touch them but is grabbed by the police men and forced into his seat.  We focus back in the ring as Vegard and Kendu measure each other up~

JD:  Jeepers, this has all the makings to be a classic!

Hood:  THIS match?  Are you fucking kidding me?

JD:  I don’t know about you, but I think we could be looking at a potential match of the year.

Hood:  You are so fucking amateur.

~Kendu and Thor lock up.  Kendu uses his strength to force Thor into a nearby corner.  The ref wedges his way in the middle, attempting to break them up.  Kendu slowly backs off.  Thor lunges forward with a punch, Kendu moves out of the way and, in the process, tosses Thor across the ring with a unique looking arm bar~

JD:  Excellent counter by Major Kendu.

Hood:  What is he the Major of, exactly?

JD:  I don’t know, but he does have a degree from Michigan State.

Hood:  Thank you, JD, that in no way answered my question whatsoever.

JD:  Sure thing!

~Thor gets back to his feet and runs at Kendu.  Thor goes for a cross body, but Kendu ducks.  Thor lands into the ropes and falls to the mat.  Kendu stomps Thor into the mat.  He picks Thor up and shoves him into a nearby corner.  Kendu delivers a few knife edged chops.  Thor gasps in pain.  Kendu then grabs Thor by the chin and stares him in the eye.  Kendu says something to Thor we can’t hear.  Thor responds by blowing his breath into Kendu’s face.  Kendu staggers back.  Thor runs out of the corner and drills Kendu with a huge clothesline~

JD:  Thor with the…with the…

Hood:  What, JD?  What is the name of that move?

JD:  Hold on, it’s here somewhere.

Hood:  You’re the play by play guy…come on, tell us what that move is called.

JD:  I can’t find it!  There’s nothing here that gives the name for Thor’s signature bad breath blow.

Hood:  We’ll just call it B3.

JD:  Works for me.  Wow!  Thor delivers the dreaded B3 on Major Kendu!

Hood:  He really put some stank on that one…ha…ha…ha…

JD:  Yuppers!

~Thor rushes to the corner and climbs to the top rope.  Kendu gets to his feet and Thor leaps off.  Thor nails a cross body and, in the process, lands on top of Kendu for the pin.  The ref slides into picture for the count~



Kick Out!!

JD:  Wow!  Thor Vegard nearly pulled off the win right there!

Hood:  A freakin cross body?  That would’ve been a shitty way to kick off SCW.

JD:  I’ll have you know that tons of matches have been won via a cross body.

Hood:  Bedroom rendezvous with your obese life partner don’t count, JD.

JD:  So rude!

~Thor gets back to his feet and yanks Kendu to his.  He tosses Kendu outside.  Thor goes outside as well, he grabs a steel chair.  Kendu crawls near a guardrail.  He spots a fan who is holding a pack of breath mints.  Kendu looks up and holds out his hand.  The fan places some breath mints into Kendu’s hand.  Kendu pulls himself to his feet.  Thor reaches back with the chair, going for a knockout shot…Kendu, though, kicks Thor in the gut.  Thor drops the chair and staggers back.  Kendu walks towards Thor, Thor stands up and goes for the B3 again…this time, however, Kendu tosses the breath mints into Thor’s mouth.  Thor gags on the breath mints as Kendu grabs the back of Thor’s head and slams him, face first, into the ring apron~

JD:  Kendu has successfully nullified the B3!!

Hood:  Were those Altoids?

JD:  I’m not sure, they looked white.

Hood:  All breath mints are white, dumbass…were those Altoids?

JD:  I don’t know.

Hood:  I love Altoids.

JD:  Good to know.

~Kendu tosses Thor into the ring.  Thor gets to his feet.  Kendu slides and gets to his.  Thor successfully delivers a B3 into Kendu’s face.  Kendu stands there, smiling.  Thor blows his breath into his hand and sniffs it.  He yells out “Noooooo!!!!”  Kendu then begins to unload with a vicious assault of lefts and rights as Thor falls back into a corner.  Kendu stands up straight and delivers an eye gouge to Thor.  The ref looks at Kendu, completely miffed~

JD:  He did that right in front of the ref!

Hood:  I like this Major Kendu guy…he doesn’t seem to really give a fuck.

JD:  He needs to show the proper respect towards SCW authority!



Hood:  What, like Predator over there?



~Hood points at Predator who glares him down.  JD looks at Predator and gets a kiss blown his way~



Hood:  Aww, look, JD, you made a friend.



JD:  Leave me alone.



~The ref continues to argue with Kendu, saying “You did that right in front of me!” to which Kendu responds by explaining how horrible the B3 was.  The ref nods, siding with Kendu.  Kendu yanks Thor out of the corner and drills him in the middle of the ring with a DDT.  Kendu then goes for the pin, the ref counts~









Kick Out!!



JD:  The Norwegian Sensation still has some fight left in him!



Hood:  He’s got a nickname now?



JD:  I thought it would look good on his action figure case.



~Kendu pulls Thor to his feet and signals for something.  He hooks Thor for a German Suplex and delivers it perfectly.  He then picks Thor up and hooks him again and delivers another German Suplex!  Thor lands on his head and neck hard and remains lying down, folded up on the mat.  Kendu gets to his feet, breathing heavily and signals for one more~



JD:  Three in a row!



Hood:  Somebody order the Norwegian Sensation a neck brace!



~Kendu yanks Thor to his feet and hooks him for one more German Suplex.  He lifts him up high and drills him onto the mat with a third and final German Suplex.  Thor’s body is completely limp as Kendu straightens him out and goes for the pin.  The ref makes the count~












~The bell rings as Predator slithers into the ring~



Predator:  Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner….Major Kendu!!!!!!

~Predator reaches to raise Kendu’s hand, but Kendu sees that Predator still has his other hand down his pants.  Kendu pulls away from Predator and exits the ring~



Hood:  Will somebody buy that fucker a pair of pants with pockets?!



JD:  Impressive win here for Major Kendu!




~We cut backstage where SCW superstars Sean Cassidy and Scotty Clark are sharing an ice cold Lipton Iced Tea.  Cassidy takes a long, splendid sip and looks at the camera~



Sean Cassidy:  Lipton Iced Tea…it’s fan-fucking-tastic!



Director:  CUT!



Sean Cassidy:  What the fuck?!



Director:  You can’t say ‘fuck’ in an advertisement.



Sean Cassidy:  But I can lie?



Director:  What do you mean?



Sean Cassidy:  This stuff tastes like shit!



~The Director rolls his eyes~



Director:  Let’s take five, guys.



~The camera crew disperses.  Cassidy tosses the can aside.  Clark continues drinking his~



Scotty Clark:  You know that Fantastic line should be mine.



Sean Cassidy:  Why?



Scotty Clark:  Because I’m ‘Fantastic’ Scotty Clark.



Sean Cassidy:  Well if they give me a line with Virgin and Kill in it, you can return the favor.



Scotty Clark:  Speaking of cherry poppin, what’s the deal with us not being booked tonight?



~As Clark is speaking, Angel enters the break room and heads towards the snack machine~



Sean Cassidy:  I don’t know, but it’s fucking bullshit.  I mean Thor Vegard? Chenoa Young?  They book some bitch over us, really?

~Angel rolls her eyes at the chauvinistic remarks~



Scotty Clark:  Management needs to realize what they’ve got here.  I’m starting to think this company might be run by a bunch of retards.



Sean Cassidy:  Amen, brother.



~Clark goes to fist pump Cassidy, but pulls his hand back when he sees Cassidy’s index and middle fingers are stained red~



Sean Cassidy:  What?!



Scotty Clark:  Fucking gross, man!



~Clark storms off as Cassidy looks at his hand, confused.  Angel sneaks up behind him~



Sean Cassidy:  Whoa…uhh…hey there, that’s quite the haunting aroma you’re wearing, what’s it called?



Angel:  Vicks vapor rub, I caught a cold earlier in the week.



Sean Cassidy:  Oh.



~Angel starts to leave, but stops~



Angel:  By the way, you should really watch what you say when the assistant to the GM is in the room.



~Cassidy looks confused as Angel smiles~



Sean Cassidy:  GM?  General Motors?!



Angel:  Oh and nice finger painting.



~Angel exits as Sean stands there confused.  We are then shown a shot of Sean’s freshly painted red finger painting.  We cut back to ringside~



JD:  Wow!  Big bombshell right there!



Hood:  What?



JD:  Apparently we have a GM!  Any idea on who it might be?



Hood:  Angel?



JD:  No, Hood…Angel just announced she was the assistant to the GM…weren’t you paying attention?



Hood:  Look, I’m sorry if I can’t remember every single detail of every single SCW show!



JD:  It was a major detail which JUST aired on our first and ONLY show.



Hood:  Always out to make me look bad, aren’t you?


~We cut to a shot which shows Billy at his home in Rincon, Georgia wearing blue jeans, a tight black shirt, black cowboys boots as wall as his black cowboy hat. He takes a deep breath, and starts talking~
Billy Anderson:  Hello I am Billy Anderson, and this guy standing next to me is my brother Tyler. We are from right here in Rincon, Georgia. You see the house behind us is my house that I with my wife and daughter, and I can't wait to get in the ring to enterain you wonderful fans. You will get to see the Unbreakable One and Georgia's Relentless Son in the ring, and I can't wait to show everyone in the locker room what I am made of.
~Billy shows that Georgia smile of his, and walks inside of the house. Tyler waves at the camera, and walks inside the house as well then the scene fades out~

JD:  Billy Anderson is coming to SCW!

Hood:  Any idea on who he is?

JD:  I haven't personally seen him compete, but I've heard good things about his stint in CWF.

Hood:  Cool.

Mike Crisis (0-0) vs. Lance Stevens (0-0)


JD: The night is going pretty good so far, wouldn’t you say Hood?



Hood: I would say you have annoyed me enough for one night, how much longer is left?



JD: Two more matches, Mike Crisis and Lance Stevens, then the main event.



Hood: Great, add in all the random bullshit….. Let’s go to Predator….




Predator: First, on his way to the ring, he comes to us from Perth, Australia. He weighs in at 260lbs…… Mike “The Signer” Crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




~The violin plays followed by the drums, "Awake and Alive" plays by Skillet and the crowd goes wild as the lights go out in the arena. After a while, a spotlight appears on the stage and Mike Crisis is there, looking at the ground. He finally looks up at the ring, before making a smile on his face and walks towards the ring.~

I'm awake, I'm alive,
Now I know what I believe inside,
Now, it's my time,
I do what I want, cause this is my life,

Right here, right now,
Stand my ground, and never back down,
I know what I believe inside,
I'm awake and I'm alive

~Crisis slowly walks to the ring, climbing on the apron, pointing to several members of the audience, who are chanting his name. Crisis climbs through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, yelling at the fans in passion, who also yell back. ~

Waking up, waking up,
Waking up, waking up,
Waking up, waking up,
Waking up, waking up

~Crisis raises his right hand in the air, which makes green fireworks explode inside the ring.~




JD: It’s good to see Mike Crisis here, I’ve followed his career for a while.




Hood: Do you have a crush on Mr. Crisis?








Hood: For some reason I don’t believe you…..




~The arena goes black for a few seconds until spotlights begin to flash around the stage . Black Stone Cherry's "Blame It On The Boom Boom" begins to play as Emily walks out on the stage and throws her hand into the air . A pyrotechnics explosion fills the stage as " Picture Perfect " Lace Stevens walks out onto the stage . He smirks into the camera and shakes his head . He grabs Emily and the two begin to walk down to the ring . When they reach the ring, Emily climbs the steps with Lance right behind her . She opens the ropes for Lance , and he heads to the center of the ring . Lance throws both arms in the air and screams " PICTURE PERFECT " as Emily wraps her arms around him .~




Predator: And his opponent, being led to the ring by Emily. He hails from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 235lbs….. “Picture Perfect” Lance Stevens!!!!!!!!!




Hood: I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but that Emily is a beautiful girl.




JD: What are you saying?




Hood: That you don’t like girls…..




JD: Can we get to the match please?




Hood: I’m not surprised that you want to see the two of them sweaty and tangling around…..




~Crisis and Stevens stand at opposite sides of the ring, eyeing each other up as the bell rings. They begin to circle the ring, thinking out their best course of action. The two are quick to lock up, Stevens getting the upper hand and twisting Mikes arm into an arm bar. Crisis winces in pain, as Lance throws him towards the ropes.  Stevens bends down, preparing for a back body drop, but Crisis puts on the breaks, and drops a hard elbow to the back of Stevens head. Mike is back to his feet, as Stevens is starting to get up. Crisis grabs Lance by the head and drops him hard with a DDT~




JD: What a move by The Signer, some high impact to start the pace of the match.




Hood: What are you talking about? Your boy crush took a cheap shot, Lance wasn’t even looking.




JD: Would you stop with the crush thing?




Hood: What, don’t want him to find out?




~Crisis lifts Stevens up and goes to irish whip him into the corner, but Lance reverses it. Instead of launching him into the corner, he quickly levels him with a clothesline. Mike crashes to the mat hard. Lance is quick to the corner, climbing up, and waiting for Crisis to get to his feet. Mike is slow to get to his feet, but as he does Lance takes off from the turnbuckle. Crisis is quick to duck as he sees Lance flying towards him, causing him to crash to the mat hard. Crisis is quick to his feet, grabbing Stevens and pulling him to his feet. He locks up and hooks him for a fisherman’s suplex, holding it for the pin~













Hood: Come on Lance; don’t let that two bit hack get the best out of you!




JD: Mike Crisis is a very talented and accomplished wrestler…




Hood: And you think he’s cute… We get it, now shut up about it doucher.




~JD Scoffs as Crisis goes to grab Stevens. Lance sticks a thumb into his eye, following up with a stiff left hand, sending Crisis falling into the corner. Lance gets back to his feet, looks over and measures his move, takes off running, and crashes into Crisis with a hard clothesline in the corner. Crisis slides down the corner as Stevens backs up, he measures again, takes off running again, and crashes his foot across the side of Mikes face. He stands back, looking down at his handy work and dusts his hands off~




JD: There is no reason for that! That is not good sportsmanship!




Hood: You’re just upset he may have messed up your man’s face!








~Hood laughs as Lance begins to lift Crisis back to his feet. He locks up with him, readjusts, and hits a swinging neck breaker. Crisis lays prone on the mat. Lance gets back up and and drops a hard knee to the back of Mike’s head, who screams in pain. Stevens lifts Crisis up, and tosses him towards the ropes and over them, Mike crashing hard on the outside. Lance climbs up the turnbuckle and sits on it, facing out at Crisis waiting for him to get up. As he does, Stevens stands up, and launches himself off, corkscrewing through the air, and crashing into Crisis’ midsection with a spear. Crisis crashes his back into the guard rail, but Lance cracks the top of his head against it as well. Both men are laying prone on the ground~








JD: Wow, what a move! These two are really putting everything on the line here tonight.




Hood: The only person in this match with anything on the line is Lance, and it’s his pride! I would be ashamed to lose to a dirty Aussie like Mike Crisis.












~Lance starts to move around as the ref continues his count~












~Stevens to his feet, he looks down at Crisis and kicks him in the ribs once. He rolls into the ring and back out, causing the ref to restart his count. He lifts Mike up, and slams him into the guard rail once again. He picks him off the railing and lifts him for a body slam. Hard on the outside. Mike rolls around, grabbing his back, his face showing obvious pain. Stevens once again lifts him up, this time rolling him into the ring. Lance slides in behind him, and goes for the cover~
















JD: Close, Crisis has taken a lot of punishment, and still pushes on.




Hood: He should just give up now, it’s only going to get worse for him, and I don’t want to see you cry because your boyfriend got hurt.




JD: Seriously, shut up Hood.




Hood: ~Mockingly~ Seriously, shut up Hood




~Stevens slams on the mat, frustrated, he grabs Crisis, who is quick to reverse. He hits a headlock take over, wraps his leg around the back of Lances head. Grabs his arm, then his leg, twists, and locks in The Crisis Special~








Hood: Don’t cream yourself JD, Stevens hasn’t tapped yet.




~Crisis cranks it as Stevens screams in pain. The ref drops to check if Lance gives up as Mike keeps cranking the move. Lance tries to kick loose, but Crisis has the moved locked in tight. Finally Crisis cranks hard, and Stevens screams, finally tapping. The ref calls for the bell~








Hood: Go change your pants now please.




~The ref stands in the middle of the ring, raising Mike Crisis’ hand~




Predator: And your winner… "The Signer" Mike Crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JD:  Great win for Mike Crisis.

Hood:  Yea, Lance Stevens came close...just needs to learn how to close a win out once he gets the advantage next tme.

JD:  Agreed.


~We cut to a shot featuring the silhouette of a large man.  The sound of announcers talking in the background are dubbed in as the silhouette of the large man remains, standing still~



Announcer:  Not only is Black Jack’s US Title on the line here…but his career may be in jeopardy as well!



Announcer:  The beating Black Jack is suffering at the hands of this man is horrific!



Announcer:  The match is over!



Announcer:  The Judge is motionless, we need paramedics down here!!



~The announcers cut out as the words “Total Carnage” flash onto the screen followed by “Coming to SCW”…then the a select line of lyrics from a song play~



‘You Know He’s Coming Back!’



~The lyric comes from the song ‘Nightcrawler’ by Judas Priest.  The silhouette grows small as the man walks into view.  He lifts his head up revealing himself to be Night Crawler.  He stares, intensely, into the camera as a graphic underneath him reads “Next Sunday”.  We cut back to ringside~



JD:  Wow, that’s a big man.



Hood:  I remember Night Crawler from my days as a broadcaster in OCW.  Guy is tough.



JD:  Well, I certainly can’t wait to see Night Crawler’s debut next week…however, we’ve got plenty more items coming up tonight!




~The cameras cut to the back where Gerald Isaac Joe has just entered the building. He is wearing gray sweat pants and a white wife beater that is clearly way too tight, as his man boobs bulge out the arm holes. Joe walks down the hall until he sees the catering tables that have been set up for the wrestlers. Joe immediately drops his travel bag and heads to the table and his eyes quickly dart from dish to dish. He then turns his attention to the girl who puts a stack of plates out.~

Gerald Isaac Joe: Hey little girl. Get me a chair I do my best work sitting down.

~The girl hustles off and returns with a chair as Gerald Isaac Joe grabs a plate and then fills it with scalloped potatoes. Joe grabs another plate and fills it with lasagna and then places the plate next to the plate of scalloped potatoes. Joe grabs a third plate and starts to load it with carrots, but then he realizes what he’s doing and dumps the carrots back into their container. His eyes then grow wide as he spots the spaghetti sitting there. Suddenly the lights dim and a spot light shines from the heavens and you can hear angels sing. Then Joe shakes his head wildly as he returns to reality and fills the third plate with Spaghetti. Joe sits down right there at the Buffet table and starts to eat the spaghetti. He sticks the fork into the spaghetti and begins to spin it sending sauce flying everywhere and landing on his wife beater tank top. Joe plunges the fork into his mouth when his attention is suddenly is diverted to a guy standing at the end of the table; it’s Major Kendu.~

Major Kendu: This here is a waste of a perfectly good table.

~Joe gulps down his mouth of spaghetti.~

Gerald Isaac Joe: What do you mean?

~Joe loads up his fork with more spaghetti sending sauce everywhere including onto the arm of Major Kendu.~

Major Kendu: I mean tables are made for putting people THROUGH, and not for eating at.

~Joe stares at Kendu and begins talking again allowing some noodles to fall out of his mouth and onto his shirt.~

Gerald Isaac Joe: And what’s your name again?

Major Kendu: The names Major Ken-

~Joe stands up immediately from his table and cuts off Kendu.~

Gerald Isaac Joe: Major? This sounds like gimmick infringement you maggot.

Major Kendu: Really? I guess we’ll have to see who’s the real maggot here in SCW won’t we?

~Major Kendu smiles and then walks away and the camera pans back to Gerald Isaac Joe.~

Gerald Isaac Joe: You are dismissed…. Puke.

~Joe sits back down to what now looks to be his own personal Buffet table as the scene cuts back to ringside.~

JD:  Hahaha...that GI Joe is quite the character!

Hood:  That really pisses me off, I wanted some of that food after the show!

JD:  Looks like it's the Extra Value Menu at McDonalds for you, Hood.

Hood: me some Big Mac and BIG ASS fries!


JD: Time for the main event!




Andre 'The King' Dixon (0-0) vs. Chenoa Young (0-0) 




Hood: Praise God! I don’t have to hear anymore of your ridiculous comments for the rest of the night!




JD: believe in God?




Hood: Of course I do! I’m not a goth freak!




Predator: And it’s time for the MAIN EVENT! Introducing first from Murpheseboro, TN. Weighing in at 120lbs...Chenoa Young!!!




~”Four on the Floor” by Lee Brice starts to play over the PA system as out comes Young to no reaction from the crowd. Chenoa makes her way down to the ring and climbs in as Predator backs away from her like she’s the plague.~




JD: Well that’s no reaction...




Hood: Well if she would have shown her face maybe the fans would have liked her...and do you see what Predator is doing?!




JD: Yeah...




Hood: That confirms it! He likes the cock!




JD: And...




Hood: I’m just saying, that he’s coming for you next. You have that twink look to you.




JD: How do you know what that is?




Hood: No comment.




~"Gangsta Music" by Young Jeezy hits as the lights begin to flicker and smoke begins to fill the entrance way. As the actual music begins to play Andre Dixon steps out onto the top of the ramp and stops for a moment. Dixon is wearing his black wrestling trunks and no shirt as he looks around the crowd that is going crazy. After a moment he walks down the ramp and into the ring where he gets up on one of the corner turnbuckles and lifts his right arm in the air. Dixon gets down and stares down his opponent as he waits for the match to begin.~




Predator: And her opponent, now in the ring from Atlanta, GA.....ANDRE DIXON!!!




JD: Now THAT’S a reaction.




Hood: Oh Predator, my friend JD wants to speak with you!








~The bell rings and the match up begins with Dixon and Young face to face as Chenoa lays an open handed slap right across the face of Dixon. Dixon’s head turns to the side quickly and laughs and he plays to the crowd and points to her. All of the sudden he lands a tremendous rising knee right into the solar plexus sending Young bending down in pain. Dixon raises her up and then issues an open handed slap of his own, sending Chenoa Young to the ground holding her face.~




Hood: That’s right! Slap a bitch!




JD: Does NOBODY have respect for women anymore?




Hood: Not cu...




JD: Don’t say it...




Hood: Why? Does your cunt hurt when I do?




~Back to the action in the ring as Dixon walks around his opponent wondering where the next opportunity to strike is at. He follows it up with a kick to the midsection of the downed Chenoa Young. He lifts her up and sends against the ropes. Young bounces off and ducks under a clothesline from Dixon. She bounces off of the other side of the ropes and runs straight into Dixon who is awaiting to deliver a high impact powerslam! Dixon goes for the cover












3! NO! Chenoa Young kicks out! ~




JD: Young showing some heart!




Hood: I wish she would show more than that...




JD: What do you mean?




Hood: Do I REALLY have to spell it out for you?




~Dixon follows up the pin attempt and picks up Chenoa Young and with a quick kick to the stomach she stumbles forward bent over. Dixon puts her head between his legs (get your mind out of the gutters perves) and raises her about his head and slams her down with a powerbomb!~




Hood: Wow! We almost saw a boob there....




JD: Keep dreaming Hood.




Hood: Oh, I will.




~Chenoa writhes in pain as the ref checks on her and Andre takes this moment to take a break. He props himself up in a corner to the left side of Chenoa. Young slowly makes her way back to her feet, but not for long as Dixon runs towards her and grabs her head in the crook of his arm and extends his body for the End Game (RKO) driving Chenoa Young face first down to the mat. He goes for the cover...
















Predator: Here is your winner.... ANDRE 'THE KING' DIXON!!!




Hood: Big surprise there...beating a girl...whoopey doo!




JD: Show some respect!




Hood: Your mom!




JD: What? You’re a very odd man....




~Dixon walks over and grabs a mic after the ref raises his hand for the victory~




Dixon: Cut my music!




~The music stops as Dixon looks around the cheering crowd~




Dixon: What's up, Philly!




~The crowd goes nuts~




Dixon: As you all know by now I'm Andre "The King" Dixon!




~The crowd begins to cheer again~




Dixon: Tonight was just a very SMALL example of what I'm capable of.  Tonight isn't anything compared to what I'm going to be doing going forward. I'm here to put every single member of the roster back there on notice.  I want them ALL to know that I'm coming for them.  NOBODY is safe.  I WILL beat everyone who gets in my way.  I'm here for one reason and one reason only: To be the best.  That SCW Heavyweight Title will be mine in no time.




~Dixon pauses and looks around the crowd once again~




Dixon: I want to welcome everyone to a new era of wrestling.  I want everyone to know that I am going to lead this company into the future.  Lead this company to greatness.  I don't care who I have to beat to get there.  The SCW is MY house now!




~Dixon drops the mic as "Gangsta Music" by Young Jeezy hits.  Dixon looks around and smiles as the crowd is cheering, as he celebrates, SCW Co-Owner Rik Ellis starts to make his way down to the ring with a bag in tow draped over his shoulder. Rik starts to clap the whole way down the entryway as Dixon sees this and stops celebrating with a suspicious look in his eye. Rik gets a microphone from Predator as he makes his way into the ring, shaking Dixon’s hand as he enters.~






Rik: Congratulations Andre “The King” Dixon on the first main event win here in the SCW! On behalf of the SCW Executive Staff here we would like to say that we agree with you and that you ARE the future of this company and there is no better way to say that than what I’m about to present to you.




I told you all at the first of this evening that I had a special surprise that I would reveal before the night is through, and it’s about time to do it!




~Dixon still, puzzled awaits what’s about to happen. Rik asks Andre to hold the microphone as he starts to unzip the bag.~




JD: I wonder what’s in the bag!




Hood: I’m sure it’s a snake! Snakes usually stay around their own kind!




~Rik finally finishes digging through the bag and pulls out the SCW World Heavyweight Championship as Dixon gets wide-eyed and stumbles back a little bit. Rik asks for the microphone back as he begins to speak again.~




Rik: Andre, it pleases me to know what a great future that the SCW has in front of it and on behalf of the SCW Executive staff I would like to present to you this title. Let it be known that Andre Dixon is the FIRST SCW World Heavyweight....




~Before Rik gets done speaking his microphone gets cut off. Rik looks around and starts yelling to Predator. Suddenly “Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria plays through the arena as the other Co-Owner of the SCW, the incomparable Trevor “The Great One” Kent walks out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction. The boos are obvious but there are some random cheers coming from the audience as well. TGO comes out armed with a mic.~




TGO: Rik, Rik, Rik, Rik, Rik....RIK. What do we have here? Do we have you going behind my back ALREADY?!




~Rik puts his mic up to his mouth to begin to speak but nothing comes out as his lips are obviously moving.~




TGO: No need to speak Rik...if I was in your position I would probably do the same thing. But wait, I’m not, I’m obviously smarter than you. You see Rik before this show started I already started a plan in motion for the World Heavyweight Championship that you have in your hands. So let me make on thing CRYSTAL clear. Andre Dixon? NOT World Heavyweight Champion.




~The boos now come in as Dixon immediately gets fired up and starts to call TGO to the ring.~




TGO: Dixon, you obviously don’t know me too well, so I’m going to let that little lapse of judgement that you just had, slide. Rik you will all know on Saturday on a special LIVE event what my plans are! Until then, you’ll just have to wait. Oh Dixon, you’ll be PAID IN FULL for tonight...




~As those last words pass TGO’s lips from out of the crowd Lorenzo Demarco rushes the ring with a baseball bat in hand. Unknowing to what’s going on while Rik keeps talking trash to TGO on the stage, Dixon turns around to see Demarco who swings the bat and hits him in the midsection as he crumbles to the mat.~




Hood: OH MY GOD!! It’s Lorenzo Demarco!! I should have KNOWN he would be here tonight! TGO doesn’t go ANYWHERE without him!




JD: If Trevor wanted to make an impact tonight, he certainly has!




~The boos from the crowd are enormous now as Demarco slowly walks up behind Rik who suddenly stops talking towards the stage as TGO points towards the ring and smiles. Rik slowly turns around only to be met with a stiff baseball bat blow to the knees. Rik tumbles down to the ground with on his knees. Demarco senses blood and runs towards a downed SCW Co-Owner and bashes the side of his head with a tremendous knee!~








Hood: This is GREAT!




~Demarco continues the assault on a downed and unconscious Rik Ellis with baseball bat blows to the midsection and lower body. The scene then fades away as Demarco backs away and examines his work. We fade into the back office with a picture of TGO behind a red oak desk. A name plate on the desk reads “Trevor Kent, SCW Co-Owner.” Papers are scattered all around the desk as the camera zooms into one piece in particular....blank brackets...~




JD: Is that what I think it is?!




Hood: This could only mean one thing!!!




JD: Good night folks! Have a great evening!




~The scene fades out on the end of the first Sunday Superiority focused on a 10 man bracket...~